Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumn and Birthday stitching

I have finally blogged about our trip to France (photo heavy) which is good as tomorrow we are off again - this time to Turkey !! but more of that another time.

I was very, very late in stitching my Autumn exchange piece for Dusty but it arrived yesterday so I can now share a photo. I used various designs from a book I have - 2001 Cross Stitch Designs. There were many colours but I love how it came together.

Autumn Bookmark for Dusty
Fabric backed
I was very pleased with the backing, I used fabric for the first time instead of felt. Using Bonda Web I made the backing by turning edges to be the exact size I needed then Bonda Webbed and fabric glued them together.

My birthday was in September and as I am part of the Birthday Exchange on Needlecraft Haven I had a lovely selection of DMC threads. Every year when I allocate threads I chose a design we can stitch using them - this year the design was an online freebie from Weeks Dye Works (so I had to convert the thread colours to DMC for the exchange) and is by Blue Ribbon Designs (last one on the page)

I started mine at the caravan last weekend and have now stitched it - I'll finish it after we're back.
Birthday Exchange
I have my stitching sorted for holiday - I just need to finish sorting my Kindle. I have the books sorted including the latest challenge from Needlecraft Haven, I just need to upload some music too.

Thank you for calling by - happy stitching x

Friday, 3 October 2014

Mid trip post

We had a lovely time in France - I haven't had time to blog it all yet but I did blog about our weekend in London prior to going. You can read all about it in my other blog Aimetu's

Last weekend was our fourth round in the scout wine tasting and that's in Aimetu's too

We are off to the caravan this weekend and will be closing it for the summer - a little early this year but the reason my blog title is 'mid trip' is because next Monday Hubby and I are off to Turkey for a week of doing nothing !! Not our usual style of holiday but we both just want a complete rest. So with going away and a busy autumn I doubt we'll visit Wales again until 2015.

I received my Holiday Exchange from Dusty this week - it's stunning. Thank you Dusty for my beautiful biscornu, threads and chart. Dusty stitched a Chatelaine design - so lovely and perfect colours which match my tablecloth.

Holiday Exchange from Dusty
Dusty ( sent Little House Needleworks 'Hands to Work' chart and two Crescent Colours threads; Joshua Tree and Tennesse Red Clay. Also in my parcel was a pack of iron on embroidery transfers, two lovely butterfly postcards and a brochure about Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens (

Dusty is coming to visit us in November, a whole week which will include the Needlecraft Haven Autumn Meet Up. I'm so excited to be able to meet and spend time together after so many years corresponding online across cyber space. I did wonder if Dusty's brochure was a hint for a return visit.

My gorgeous exchange
On Wednesday I went to Warwick to the Lord Leycester Hospital to a talk by Jo Baker ( the author of Longbourn. It's a brilliant story that I discovered thanks to Ursh's nomination early this year for the Needlecraft Haven Reading Challenge. It's the story of 'below stairs' in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Jo's novel matches Jane's and is a delight to read following the activities of the big house and how it relates to the servants. Jo said her inspiration came from reading P&P (many times) and wondering who the other characters were who appeared with carriages, posies for shoes and other items. She began to think about their life and Longbourn was written.

It was a lovely talk, with coffee and cake from the Historic Tea Room. Jo very kindly signed my well read, well used book.

Well I had best go and pack for the weekend - stitching will be a priority as I am looking forward to some stitching time - it's been missing for a few weeks.

Have a good weekend everyone, thank you for calling by and reading my news :)

Saturday, 27 September 2014

September Stitch from Stash

Oh dear - even less stitching from me this month, in fact I am behind with quite a few of my projects.

I'm not worried though, just haven't picked up a needle much. We have been away too - 12 lovely days in France

Here's my September report:

  • the Drawn Thread - September
  • CCN - Sleighworks
  • 2001 cross stitch design book

  • 28ct white
  • Aida band
  • DMC colours as required for charts
  • Fabric and ribbon for September
  • Felt

Additions to Stash

  • Ribbon bought on holiday in France €4.50 (£3.75)

So my total spend was £3.75 ��

I can share a few photos though. Mary was my partner for the Needlecraft Haven Holiday Exchange (in last month's report). I sent All the World chart by Kappie, Beachcomber & Clam Shell Weeks Dye Works threads and stitched a blue and white seaside themed biscornu. We had to include a postcard from a holiday place or home, I included one of Tywyn in Wales where we have our caravan. 
holiday Exchange for Mary 
I managed to finish my September The Drawn Thread in time but I haven't even started October's yet.

September - The Drawn Thread
Ribbon bought in France
Hopefully I will stitch more next month (I seem to have been saying this a while). 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Before I go ....

.... on holiday I thought I better do a quick catch up blog. My stitching has not been happening as Philly is home from her summer working in Cyprus and we've been busy busy busy.

We had another quick trip to the caravan as we had to have a replacement boiler so needed to check it was ok and of course pay the fitter. We came home a new route - via the Horseshoe Pass and Llangollen - the scenery was stunning.

Horseshoe Pass
Oh no not those two again !
You can see the road round the bend and
cutting through the other side

Llangollen Bridge

The River Dee
LLangollen steam railway
I've also been doing a bit of baking - a courgette cake, a coconut cake, a Guinness cake for Michael and everyone working on getting the new bar open (hopefully this weekend) and a Schokogugelhopf for Philly coming home.

Coconut Cakes
Courgette Cake

 The only stitching I have to show is the Monthly Christmas Challenge for August - a cute snowman from Wollen Sails

August ornament
I still have the Autumn exchange for Needlecraft Haven to stitch, this month's challenge, October's The Drawn Thread, Santa's Village and of course so many other lovely projects I've seen. I will be taking stitching on holiday and hopefully will get quite a bit finished. sleep - have you read the book by S J Watson? We went to see the film yesterday (it was my birthday so a nice treat to go with Nick and Philly, Michael was working) - as in most cases I prefer the book but the film was good and did differ slightly but did not take away from the story. I also listened to it on Radio 4 Extra's Book at Beachtime, half an hour a day at anytime using the radio iplayer.

Well that's my quick catch up - I had a lovely birthday yesterday but packing calls. Thank you for reading my news, please leave a comment as they are lovely to read. Holiday news in a few weeks :)

Monday, 25 August 2014

Stitch from Stash for August

I can't believe I haven't blogged for a month - I seem to be slowing down in many things; stitching, reading and blogging. We've had quite a sad time too as two weeks ago we lost our lovely Ruby, I haven't felt like doing much at all. I have added bits of news to my Aimetu blog and hopefully my mojo all round will return soon.

Anyway here is my report for August - I actually spent some money this month on gifts, exchanges and a little stash replacement.

  • the Drawn Thread - September
  • CCN - North Pole Post Office
  • Disney (kit)
  • Dusty's RR chart provided
  • Biscornu chart, free online
  • Monthly Christmas Challenge - Little Snowman by Wool n Sails
  • 28ct white
  • 14ct white
  • DMC colours as required for charts
  • Backing board for Eeyore
  • Buttons for Holiday exchange
  • Stuffing for Holiday exchange
  • Fabric for Monthly Challenge
  • Cording for Monthly Challenge

Additions to Stash

10 DMC skeins to replenish stash
Frame for Eeyore
Chart and speciality thread for Holiday exchange
Two CCN Santa Village charts (already promised to purchase from a friend)

 Total spend £27.56

I can't share all my work as the Holiday Exchange has not yet arrived with my partner and the monthly challenge reveal is at the end of the month. Whilst I have purchased Eeyore's frame I have yet to assemble it so again no photo and I have not yet finished September - The Drawn Thread. It looks like I need a little kick start this week as there does seem to be a lot needing my attention.

Here are the items I can share:

August - The Drawn Thread
assembled after the close of last month's SFS
North Pole Post Office - CCN
Eeyore - to be framed
July Monthly Challenge
gallery opened after close of last months SFS
Dusty's Welcome RR - Needlecraft Haven
I stitched the right side of the alphabet and
the bottom panel

Please send positive thoughts my way so I can get stitching, reading and blogging again - thank you for calling by today x x

Monday, 28 July 2014

Stitch from Stash July

I'm still not back up to speed with my stitching, or my reading and definitely my blogging. I really can't say why, time just seems to be disappearing through my fingers.

It's been a good month for my Stitch from Stash challenge though, little stitching means little spending hee hee

Here's my report:

  • Home gift  (free online chart)
  • Disney kit 
  • The Drawn Thread - September (previously purchased)
  • CCN North Pole Post Office (previously purchased) 
  • 14ct white
  • 28ct country blush
  • DMC colours as required for charts
  • photo frame (found in attic)
  • Christmas fabric
  • cording
Additions to Stash

And here are my photos:

This was for our son who moved into his first
flat - it was a free online chart.
North Pole Post Office
my progress so far on my next piece
on my tablecloth
The Drawn Thread - September
Hopefully I'll have this finished in time
I also finished the Monthly Christmas Challenge on Needlecraft Haven but I can't share a photo yet, and I am stitching a gift which again I can't share until it's given.

We're at home this month, with just a few trips to the caravan at the weekends so I am hoping I will have a far more productive month stitching wise.

Thanks for calling by my blog - I'll try to be around blogland a little more this month too.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Returning to rotation

Finally I am back on track with my rotation - various reasons including holidays and parties but I am stitching to my rotation plan:

I finished a little gift for our son in his new flat, I wanted to stitch something but nothing girlie - I found this online and it's perfect He gave quite a chuckle when he opened it.

New home gift for our son
Monday I finished Gillie's Round Robin - part of the Welcome RR with Needlecraft Haven. I've posted it off and have received Dusty's which is the final RR for me to stitch on.

Gillie's RR - Jardin Prive design

Tuesday I did a very small bit on my September Drawn Thread as I had hurt my ankle and felt a little out of sorts. It's all ok now but I just didn't feel like doing much.

Wednesday was stitching night in the Parlour on Needlecraft Haven and I started a new house on my CCN Santa's Village table cloth - North Pole Post Office. It's stitched over one so doesn't look much but this little bit took all evening.

North Pole Post Office
Yesterday and this morning I have worked on a gift for some very good friends - I'll share it once it's done.

I just managed to finish the June Monthly Christmas Challenge in time for the reveal - the design for June was Coroncina Noel" by Luli

I used the background fabric for the backing

Today I have been sorting out the wine for the next round of tasting in the Scout 100 Challenge - it's Europe this time but not France as that has a tasting of it's own in September.

Last Friday was our 25th Anniversary party, we've had some lovely cards, thank you everyone. I bought some lovely ribbon yesterday that has silver hearts on and says 'All my love' which I've used to bundle them up - we still have the family ones out. We had a super evening meeting friends and family, some of whom we had not seen for over 15 years.

My dress - we borrowed a friends
dressmakers dummy to put it on
Back detail - I designed the dress
and had it made professionally
Close up of the neck, my veil and my necklace which
Nick bought me (with matching earrings)

Our friend Niki made a replica of
our wedding cake
My original bouquet of silk flowers

Replicating a wedding
day pose 25 years later.
Our Just Giving page is over £500 - thank you so much to all our friends. We can't believe we have doubled our target, it's a lovely amount to give to Pancreatic Cancer UK. You can read our story here

Thank you for popping by to read my latest news - fingers crossed my rotation will be on track next week too.