Thursday, 22 March 2018

Special books and a special request

Special books - this year on Needlecraft Haven our Reading Challenge is based on our childhood favourites. This month is Justine's choice ..... Heidi :-)

To be honest this was on my list to nominate as I loved this story. I used to read my Mum's copy when I was younger, a beautiful book with a few colour prints in. I also read Mum's Heidi Grows Up and Heidi's Children.

I was delighted when Justine announced her choice and even more delighted to re-read those old copies. Hubby kindly ventured into the attic and retrieved all three books - they are well loved and smell of my childhood..... it's a pleasure to be reading them again.

My Mum's copy of Heidi
Beautiful inside cover - Heidi getting into bed in the cabin
and Clara in her finery 
Heidi and her Grandfather - one of the superb colour prints in the book
This colour print is such fun - one of my
favourites in the book
The lovely goatherd Peter
Heidi Grows Up - not such an ornate book
but loved just the same
The detail in the colour prints is amazing in this book too
The third book of Heidi
The inside cover pencil print, I'd love to live near mountains
Heidi, Peter and the Children 

Thank you so much Justine, I really have revisited my childhood with these books, in more ways than just the stories.

My special request - join me in a 'first blog' celebration for my 10th Blogiversary on 30th March.

I'll be sharing the link to my very first blog post - if you would like to take part please email me a link to your very first blog post and I will post up '10 years of blogging'.

It will include all the blogs/links sent so we can see how we all started - I do hope you'll join in. Huge thanks to the three bloggers who have already emailed me their links, it will soon be party time :)

My email address is 

There's no stitching this time, but Easter will soon be here which means I will be sharing photos from the Needlecraft Easter Exchange, and of course it will soon be Blogiversary time !!

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Afternoon Tea

No stitching to show this week as all my work has been for gifts or exchanges .... but I have been baking. Today is Mother's Day here in the UK, a quiet day for me as our daughter is abroad and our son is working however I have been spoilt withflowets, wine and chocolate. DH has cooked a lovely meal and I had a great afternoon watching Wales win at rugby.

Yesterday our mums came over for Afternoon Tea. We enjoyed a variety of sandwiches, plenty of cakes and I baked a few scones.

Usually I cook a dinner but being as they came for lunch this seemed and was a much better meal.

An evening of stitching whilst watching the tribute show to one of our greatest entertainers, Sir Bruce Forsythe.

Happy Mother's Day

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Happy St David's Day

The 1st March is St David's Day - the parton saint of Wales. Although I have no Welsh blood I have always been drawn to the country; holidays when young, having our holiday home there for 10 years and now our daughter living in the capital city Cardiff.

I try to celebrate each of the patron saints days for the United Kingdom, it's a good reason to move my ornaments and stitching around and of course cook a special dinner. Tonight we have lamb and I  have some dried fruit soaking in tea ready to make my Bara Brith.

My Grandmother's jug vase comes out on March 1st, from that date until after Easter I keep it filled with daffodils - my first bunch came from Lidl yesterday.

I have my Welsh dragons on the mantle just for today so I'll be changing it slightly tomorrow. 

My season tree picture is now showing Spring. I love these tree designs from Jardin Privé, I stitched them all a few years ago as part of Needlecraft Haven's Four Season's SAL and change it for the seasons, this one will stay until the end of May now.

My spring cushion was also stitched for the Four Season's SAL and will be on display too until the end of May. I have yet to decide what to stitch for this year's SAL, as it's a day home due to our very cold snowy weather it might be an online shopping day!

My Drawn Thread March box finish will of course be staying on show for the whole month too - I love my set of these, it's so nice to change each month.

I have no new stitching to share and my next few pieces are all gifts or exchanges however I have managed a little more on Sampler Bouquet, just the centre motif to do and that's another panel finished - not far to go now.

RJ and Mary at Stitching Friends Forever are celebrating their first blog birthday at the end of March and asked everyone to send a photo of something stitched by their favourite designer - they are holding a 'party' at the end of March - happy blogiversary RJ and Mary

I too have a blog birthday at the end of March - 10 years !! I cannot believe it has been that long. RJ and Mary's party gave me an idea - a 'first blog' celebration.

If you would like to take part please email me a link to your very first blog post - on March 30th I will post up '10 years of blogging' and will include all the blogs/links sent so we can see how we all started - I do hope you'll join in.

My email address is 

Sunday, 25 February 2018

February's Challenge and a little progress

As it's the last Sunday of the month it is time to reveal our stitching for Needlecraft Haven's Monthly Challenge. Christine, one of our lovely members, puts up a challenge every month for us to stitch but keep secret until the end of the month. We all send her a photo of our finished items which she puts into an album and reveals them all on the last Sunday - thank you Christine.

This year we are alternating between Christmas and general stitching - February's challenge was a Valentine's theme from Primitive Hare  I decided to change the date to the year of our wedding so I can display it both in February and June.

February's Challenge
I did have a few non stitchy days but I have managed to do a little more on Sampler Bouquet. It's hard to find time to work on it with gifts, SALs and challenges but is is growing and hopefully I have a little time this week.

Here's my progress so far - certainly over half way now :)

Sampler Bouquet
February has been a busy month and of course a short month. It's hard to believe March starts on Thursday, I am looking forward to celebrating St David's Day with daffodils and a Welsh dinner.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

A very special Gifted Gorgeousness

Today is our daughter's birthday - we have just spent two lovely days with her in Cardiff. She is spending her birthday weekend in London with her boyfriend seeing a couple of shows and eating in nice places.

I always stitch something for her birthday - this year was another Newton's Law. As a youngster she loved blowing bubbles so when I saw this chart it was perfect. I loved stitching him, he seemed to come to life with every stitch.

Newton's Law
The finished gift was her very own sewing box, I lined the inside and added the essential sewing items. She isn't a cross titcher but did needlework at school and is a dab hand with a mending needle.

Inside the box
Matching cording to finish
The Essentials
Newton's Law sewing box 
I loved stitching this, I enjoyed making it up too and finding the pieces to go inside. Philly loved him too: he now lives in Wales :)

Newton's Law is my special Gifted Gorgeousness for February - thank you Jo for organising this each month. It's lovely to read everyone's gifts both sent and received. There is a list of blogs taking part on Jo's Blog Serendipitous Stitching - here's the link to the sign up page if you want to take part each month.

My other gift this month was for Barb, a lovely member of Needlecraft Haven who looks after The Parlour, our virtual stitching haven on a Wednesday night. It was a special birthday this year for Barb. I made her a Blackwork Bookmark using Weeks Dye Works Deep Sea thread.

Bookmark for Barb
Thank you for calling by to see my Gifted Gorgeousness gifts for February. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Secret Stitching Sweetheart & Friendship Exchange

Jo at Serendipitous Stitching has organised a Blog Hop for Valentine's Day - everyone taking part has sent Jo a photo of something they have stitched that is suitable for a friend on Valentine's Day.

Jo has sent everyone one of the photos to include in their blog post - but of course we don't know who's photo we have or who has ours. There is a list of all the participants on Jo's blog, the fun part is visiting all the blogs to see who has your photo.

This is the beautiful photo I received - if this is your beautiful work please reveal yourself by leaving a comment.

Secret Stitching Sweetheart 

Thank you Jo for all your hard work and another great Blog Hop - I'm off to see who has my photo !

Valentine's Day is also the opening day for Needlecraft Haven's Friendship Exchange. I really enjoy organising the exchanges - we are just a few but a very friendly few so a Friendship Exchange was the perfect choice.

Everyone has different stitching commitments and mojos so I decided to make the exchange open to everyone with the first part being to make, stitch or buy a friendship card. The other elements of the exchange were to find a freebie friendship chart online and print it off, include two threads relating to either the chart or the friendship theme and a small friendship gift.

My Friendship Exchange parcel travelled a very long way - just 20 miles up the motorway to Julie who I've been friends with for quite a few years. As well as online we occasionally meet for a coffee, always good fun but the time flies too fast.

I loved the Blue Ribbon Design sampler chart as soon as I saw it and as it only required four threads I popped them all in the parcel.

I included chocolate hearts and flower petals that are hand wash soap sheets and a organiser set that Julie can use for stitching/sewing projects or just general notes.

Friendship chart for Julie from Blue Ribbon Designs 
Happy Valentine's Day Julie 
My Friendship Exchange travelled a little further, it came from Deb in the United States of America. 

Deb sent a beautiful card, two skeins of ThreadWork variegated thread, hand dyed green 28ct fabric and a super chart from Casa Mia. However that was not all - Deb surprised me completely with a beautiful table runner themed on wine (my other hobby which you can read about here) - it is gorgeous and I feel very spoilt - thank you so much Deb.

Beautiful gifts from Deb
Stunning table runner from Deb 
Now it's time to own up - I opened my exchange parcel yesterday, not because I was impatient but because today we are travelling to Cardiff to see our daughter for her birthday. For a change we are taking the train not the car and so being as I had to be ready for a set time this morning I wrote my blog last night (it feels odd to be writing in the future) and saved it as a draft. This morning I just clicked published and hey presto here it is :-)

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day - with friends, with family and with loved ones 

Monday, 12 February 2018

Another bookmark and a bit of progress

This week's catch up is short as I haven't actually done much stitching. Friday night our friends came for dinner and it was so nice to feel back to normal after 10 months of upturned lifestyle. I love entertaining and was very pleased with how the table looked this time. 

Ready for our dinner guests
It was Justine's birthday last week and I stitched her a bookmark using Weeks Dye Works Begonia. I am really enjoying blackwork, it's very therapeutic
Bookmark for Justine
I have finished another gift but that is still secret for a few more days ssshhhhhh!

Wednesday night I joined the lovely ladies at Needlework Haven in The Parlour - it's our get together in cyber space each week hahaha. Sampler Bouquet is coming along nicely and I'm hoping to get a little more completed tonight or tomorrow as we're then away for a couple of days.  

Sampler Bouquet
That's all from me for now - thank you again for all the lovely messages last week when I was Blogger of the Week - what a lovely way to meet new bloggers, have you popped along to meet this week's Blogger?