Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Stitch from Stash March 2015

Month 3 of Mel's great Stitch from Stash - I love doing this although this year I will have to buy a few charts as they are specific ones I do hot have in my stash but more about that as the year progresses.

My budget carried forward from February is: £84.10

Month: March
Spent: £zero
Earned: £24 

My budget carried forward to April is: £133.10

It's nice to 'earn' money from stitching - it's just a shame it's virtual money. As I don't work I am extra careful with my hobby spending although Hubby is a darling I do try to use things I already have which is why I love Mel's SFS.

As always if you are a follower of my blog you may have seen a few of these photos before, sorry. Anyway here are my finishes that have 'earned' extra stash money. 

Gazette 94 free online design
This was January's Monthly Challenge set by Christine, one of Needlecraft Haven's lovely members. I was late in completing this so have claimed it this month. I earned £4 on this finish.

Luli free online design
And this was Christine's choice for our February Challenge - again I was late stitching so am claiming it this month. I haven't even started March's Challenge yet so that will be next month. I earned £2 on this finish.

At one of the Needlecraft Haven Meet Up's I received a lovely coaster kit in my goodie bag from Angi. It was Victorian Posy by Rainbow Gallery and Angi included a printout of the free chart, fabric and a coaster for finishing. Instead of using black (it was a blackwork project) I used DMC 122 variegated green. It turned out really well - there's a photo in my previous blog here. I earned £2 on this finish.

This year on Needlecraft Haven I decided to host a Four Season's SAL instead of as an exchange. There's three months to stitch the season, January, February and March was Spring. I decided to stitch Jardin Prive's freebie for spring - a beautiful tree and I'll be doing her other trees for the following seasons. I found a lovely frame in Asda, perfect size and square !! I earned £8 on this finish

Jardin Prive Spring
My final piece for Stitch from Stash is my November project from The Drawn Thread. I have finally stitched it so will now move onto December, the last in the series. I will then have October, November and December to make up and all my mantle pieces will be done. I earned £8 on this finish.
November - The Drawn Thread
So quite a productive month all told. I don't have many urgent projects to do now, I have Santa's Village to work on but I'm changing a bit of that so it's being a bit tricky at the moment. I have the challenges to catch up and do and I have not even started my 12 church pieces for the tree at Christmas, but nothing to worry about time wise which is a nice feeling. 

Away from stitching we have just opened our caravan for the season - this is probably the last year we will have it as now it is just Hubby and I we would like to spend our weekends (and money) on visiting new places. It's our 9th season at the caravan and we still love it but times change. It was a beautiful weekend,although I was unwell on Saturday we did manage a walk along the sea front with a pause for a hot chocolate whilst sitting and looking out to sea.
Champagne to celebrate opening up for 2015 
The beautiful Cambrian Coast
Sunny Sunday
I hope you've all had a great March in our Stitch from Stash 2015 challenge - thank you for calling by, happy stitching x x

Monday, 16 March 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness March 2015

It's month three of Jo's SAL, Gifted Gorgeousness. I'm really enjoying taking part, all the details are on her blog post here.

It was Mother's Day here in the UK yesterday - I hope everyone had a lovely day with those you love and you shared memories of Mum's who in the past loved you. Philly came home from Uni for the weekend and we had a buffet lunch for the Grandmas.

My first gift this month are these cakes for my Mum and MIL - it's the first time I used my alphabet cutter for the icing.

Mother's Day cakes
Stitching wise you may have seen these 'gifts' already - I find some parts of the SAL tricky because if I'm stitching a gift I can't share the progress and I like to post once I can as well as posting for GG15 - so quietness then double posting hahaha

Gift for Philly's 21st birthday
A kit gifted to my by Angi at a Needlecraft Haven Meet Up
Victorian Posy by Rainbow Gallery
Valentine's card for Deb (Sweet Feet Exchange)
 I stitched the hearts on perforated paper and backed them with felt, they are detachable from the card to make an ornament. It took Postie 4 weeks to deliver my parcel to Deb in USA, a little late for Valentine's Day, I'm just glad it arrived.

I was so lucky to win Gillie's Primitive Hare Gifted Giveaway - as soon as the chart arrives I'll be kitting it up and making a start - because it's a gift to me I will be able to share the progress - I'll probably add it as my Thursday stitching on my rotation plan - thanks Gillie x

Happy stitching everyone - thanks for calling by :)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Catch Up

I've been so busy stitching gifts that I had fallen behind with Needlecraft Haven's Monthly Christmas Challenge. NH member Christine chooses a freebie online design for us each month which we stitch and finish but keep secret. All photos are sent to Christine who opens a Gallery at the end of each month. Because I'm late I can reveal mine, although I have sent Christine the photos for the galleries too.
Challenge 1 from Gazette 94
Challenge 2 from Luli
And being as it's only 5th of March I may get this month's challenge stitched in time.

I have also finished a little freebie kit I was given - my memory is not good but I think it was in one of the goody bags at a Needlecraft Haven Meet Up - and I think the goody bag was from Angi.

It's a lovely design by Rainbow Gallery called Victorian Posy Blackwork. I used the 14ct ecru that was in the kit and DMC 122 which is a lovely variegated green. Although the chart said one strand because I used a colour instead of black I used two - I'm really pleased with it.

Victorian Posy by Rainbow Gallery
I've been working on my November The Drawn Thread and Santa's Village but more on those next time. I have been baking again - I made a batch of Welsh Cakes. It was so easy with my new mixer, so much so I'm going to try scones next :)

Welsh Cakes
Thanks for calling by, and for the lovely comments that have been left on my posts :)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

St David's Day

The 1st March is St David's Day - the patron saint of Wales. His emblems are daffodils and leeks, so I have a jug of daffodils on the sideboard and we've leeks with dinner. Being a Welsh celebration most people have lamb but we're having chicken - although I might make a few Welsh Cakes after watching the rugby on tv.
St David's Day daffodils
and as it's a new month it's time to change my Drawn Thread mantle piece. I love having these to change each month, they are gorgeous designs.

The Drawn Thread - March
This morning Hubby and I took a walk around Bosworth Battle Field - I have felt unwell since Wednesday and the fresh air helped although now I'm having a sofa afternoon. I have a feeling my MS has flared up after all the excitement of our daughter's birthday, a few more days rest should have my arms and legs back to normal.

Bosworth Battle Field is where King Richard III lost his crown to Henry Tudor. King Richard's remains were discovered in Leicester a few years ago and this year he will have a reburial at Leicester Cathedral. The website has so much detail, in, there's lots happening - we are very excited as my step-dad Keith has been invited to be at the Cathedral on 26th March for the reburial - even more exciting as it's Keith's birthday. The burial procession is going all around the villages near us on Sunday 22nd March.

King Richard III - http://kingrichardinleicester.com

After 4 weeks my exchange gift to Deb in USA has finally arrived. This was for Needlecraft Haven Sweet Feet Valentine's Exchange. The exchange was to stitch a card, send a pair of socks with threads to match. I was so pleased with my card - I stitched the hearts on perforated paper and hung them in the card opening so Deb could detach them and use as an ornament. I was so sad when they hadn't arrived and was just about to stitch again when they were delivered.

My Valentine's card for Deb
Sweet Feet Valentine's Exchange for Deb
 Wishing you all a very happy St David's Day - spring is on it's way, thank you for calling by x x x

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Stitch from Stash February report

Another month has gone by already - amazingly it's time to check in for Mel's Stitch from Stash 2015. I really love taking part in this, thanks Mel.

My budget carried forward from January is: £41

Month: February
Spent: £1.90
Earned: £20 
My budget carried forward to March is: £84.10

I can finally reveal my secret stitching. Last month I claimed £8 as earnings from stitching a Lizzie Kate sampler. If you follow my blog and read my Gifted Gorgeousness post you'll know all about it but here's the photo again - our friends loved it. 
Wedding Gift for Niki & Sue
Last check in I also claimed £4 earned from stitching the bookmark I sent to Kate for the Needlecraft Haven Meet Up exchange - details and photos are in my Meet Up Exchange post.

So now to the items I have stitched this month - last Tuesday was our daughter's 21st birthday - DH and I went down to Cardiff to see her. her University friends had arranged a surprise party for her which we stayed to - it was a surprise as she thought we'd come home. I stitched this sampler for her - it's from Just Cross magazine June 2007. I did adapt it slightly and added a gold butterfly. I earned £8 on this finish.

Philippa's 21st Gift
I also stitched a Valentine's card for the Sweet Feet Exchange on Needlecraft Haven - unfortunately Mr Postie has not delivered my parcel although I posted it over three weeks ago. It must be taking the long route to New York. I will be stitching it again and re-posting but I'll only claim this time. I earned £4 on this finish. 

I have also finished my October The Drawn Thread - I stitched this at the weekends on my rotation as my UFO stitching. This weekend I have started November. I earned £8 on this finish. 

October - The Drawn Thread.
I had to buy two skeins of thread this month and although our local art shop charges 95p per skein it is cheaper if I just need one or two as buying online means paying postage. I do have a large purchase to make this coming month and will be checking my DMC stash so I can include any regular colours I'm running low on. 

I am not including my Santa's Village in SFS15 as I am not completing them properly. I have yet to do the white but last Wednesday I did all the coloured parts on Santa's Stocking Store. Now I have five houses in a row complete my next few Wednesdays in the Parlour on Needlecraft Haven will be stitching the white on these. I'm then going to cover them with voile to protect the work whilst I do the other designs. 

Santa's Stocking Store
Three of my stitching friends, Mary, Kate and Barb, have had birthdays lately and I made them each a beaded scissor fob. Theses are so easy to make and are just a small gift but I enjoy making them and I hope my friends liked them. 

Beaded scissor fobs
As I mentioned it was Philly's 21st - I made a cake to take and decorated a shop bought cake for her party. I was so pleased with both - thanks to my friend printing some photos onto icing for me. Philly loved them and they both tasted great. 
The cake I made 
The shop bought cake I decorated
I hope you've all had a good SFS15 February, if you have been buying I'm sure it was for important stash !! Thank you for calling by :)

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness

It's February 15th which means it's the second check in of 2015 for Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness. I can at last share some of my stitched gifts from January. A very good friend from work is getting married on Wednesday, her and her partner had a civil ceremony in 2008 but now, thanks to a change in UK law, they are actually getting married.

I saw this Lizzie Kate sampler and though it perfect, and but using LK lettering I added the date of their civil ceremony and their names. I gave it them this afternoon and they loved it. I was so pleased.

Lizzie Kate design
Back in November at Needlecraft Haven meet up we set up an exchange where we made a bookmark for our partner (chosen at random and kept secret). I always feel that an exchange item is a gift so here is the bookmark I gifted to Kate.
Free online chart 
Thanks Jo for organising this mid month challenge - it's great fun and nice to share gifted work. In saying that I'd like ot share two gifts I received, my bookmark from Julie and yesterday my stitched Valentine's card for the Needlecraft Haven Sweet Feet exchange.

My bookmark from Julie
My Valentines card 
Thank you for calling by to see my latest gifts - there's a few more still in hiding but all will be revealed next check in :)

Friday, 13 February 2015

Quilts and 'the frog'

It's nearly Valentine's Day, we've a short break and a special birthday in our family so my next posts will be a little longer and will have many photos, but this one is a quickie.

Many bloggers have been asking about my Mum's quilts. Two were chosen to be in a Canadian exhibition representing the UK. She was very nervous about them being posted but they arrived and have arrived back in safety. This is the link to the exhibition http://www.ailsacraigquiltfestival.ca/

These are my Mum's two quilts

Mum makes many quilts, mainly hand stitched, large and small. We have many at our caravan and at home. She is involved in Project Linus which makes quilts for those in need, injured soldiers in hospital, young children. The quilts given go home with the patients - great form of comfort.

My stitching this week has been to finish off my secret projects as priority although I have kept to my rotation doing my UFO on Sunday and my Santa's Village tablecloth on Wednesday. This is my progress on my UFo which is now November by The Drawn Thread.

Doesn't it look amazing!! I had stitched the first chair and table when I realised I had the fabric the wrong way round so had to frog everything :( but it's all clean and ready to go for a new start.

Finally here's a little video of our son Michael - he's the Bar Manager at Saints Bar in our town. His speciality is cocktail making with the flare tricks and bar tricks. I love this one - enjoy

Thanks for calling by - have a great weekend and Valentine's Day x x