Monday, 28 September 2015

Stitch from Stash September

I can start this month's report with a finish - whoo hoo - but before that here's my monthly budget update. I really enjoy doing SFS15 with Mel - it's a great way to use up fabric, threads and charts and of course save a few pennies.
My budget start for September is :£65.00

Month: September
Spent: £10.67
Earned: £16.00 

My budget at the end of August is: £95.33

My spend was on restocking a few DMC threads and a few items for my Goody Bag ready for the Needlecraft Haven Meet Up in November.

I have finished The Herb Garden by Drawn Thread - I claimed for purchasing the chart in SFS15-Part A but have used fabric and threads from my stash. It is for a gift for a friend's retirement so I have not claimed the frame costs. I pick the frame up today so I will have to share the completed photo later. I earned £16.00 on this finish.

Herb Garden 
I have started a new project but as it's also a gift I can't share just yet, but it is all using my stash. Talking of gifts I have a new chart to add to my stash thanks to Barb who gave me this lovely LHN chart for my birthday a few weeks ago. I had so many lovely gifts - have a look in my previous post.

Birthday Gift from Barb 
I hope everyone has had another successful month with a zero or limited spend - happy stitching and stash using for October.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Gifts Galore

Last Thursday was my 50th birthday and I have been overwhelmed with the cards and gifts I have received. Over 50 cards altogether, some on the day and others last night when we had a small party for friends and family.

But before I chat more about my lovely family and friends I must just share my Gifted Gorgeousness news for this month. I have been working hard on my friend's retirement gift, Herb Garden by The Drawn Thread. She is retiring at the start of October and we're out for a meal on October 1st so I need it finished and framed by then.

The Herb Garden 
Although birthday gifts these are also eligible for GG as they are examples beautiful crafting. First a beautiful knitted chef made for me by Julie, she is so clever with her knitting needles.

Christine is equally as clever with her sewing machine and made this gorgeous basket. It's been used already :-)

Dusty loves to do hardanger and has made this great needlecase, it fits perfectly in my travel sewing box.

Two of my friends have stitched me birthday cards, I was so touched as cross stitch is a hobby time permitting as they both have busy jobs.

Julie also stitched me a picture for my birthday - so cute and means a little more as she stitched it whilst on holiday in our caravan in Wales.

Talking of Wales my darling daughter completely surprised me (and made me cry) with a Welsh rugby shirt - signed by all the team !! She had also contacted friends and family asking for happy 50th selfies and put them all in an album.

My lovely son took me out for breakfast at Carluccio's followed by a visit to the Pandora shop where he bought me a new charm.

My amazing hubby really surprised me with a beautiful ring and a trip to Prague - we leave tomorrow, returning Friday. I was so surprised, life has been a bit of a whirlwind the last few days.

Last night was an amazing party - thank you to everyone for such beautiful cards and gifts. Thanks too for all getting up and joining in with The Birdie Song - so funny!!

All of us together before the party started.
I had a little surprise of my own for everyone - only my hubby knew before. I have always wanted to do the London Marathon but because of my MS it's impossible, I have tried so many times to train and build up but after a few days my fatigue sets in and I'm unwell for a few weeks and back to the beginning.

I decided that at 50 I should be able to do it - but my way - so we're going to London one Saturday when I feel good and following the route from the start we'll do about 3 miles. This will be with pub stops along the way for refreshments.

When I've had enough we'll come home and then a few weeks later when I'm OK we'll return to where we left and walk the next 3 miles. Like this we will keep visiting London until we have completed the whole route, I have no idea how many trips we'll make or how long it will take us. Amazingly Virgin Trains have offered to give both of us free travel to and from London for each trip - I still can't believe it.

I have set up a separate blog about my Challenge and not being one to miss an opportunity I have also set up a fundraising page to help four charities:

and my fundraising page is: 

My final photos are another craft - my best friend makes cakes and for my actual birthday made this beautiful little cake. For my party my Hubby had asked Niki to make a cake themed on my favourite champagne - it was just stunning !!

Thank you for reading all my news - see you when we return from Prague

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Stitch from Stash August

It's the second report for Stitch from Stash - Part B of Mel's great SAL. I love it as it does make me look at all the threads and fabric (and charts) I have before just buying more, especially good as I no longer work so our income is solely from Hubby's toils.

My budget start for August is :£40.00

Month: August
Spent: £0.00
Earned: £0.00 

My budget at the end of August is: £65.00

I don't actually have much to share as I have not been stitching so much - or blogging - I have been pre-occupied with another task which I will be able to share soon but is linked to my big birthday next month.

I have stitched our Meet Up Exchange for Needlecraft Haven. This is an exchange we set up at each meet up - we all fill in various details on a postcard including our address and then randomly pick a card. The meet up was on 30th May here in Nuneaton and Opening Day for our exchange is Monday. This time we had to stitch an ornament for our partner based on something we found out about them at the meet up - these days are always great fun and extended with stitching the exchange. We meet again on 14th November.

But I have been working on The Herb Garden by The Drawn Thread - this is a retirement git for a very good friend. It's growing nicely but will be taking up most of my stitching time so I get it finished - I don't think my rotation will be happening for quite a few weeks.

Herb Garden 
So that's all my stitching news but I have been busy in the kitchen. Last night we went to another wine tasting with our scout leader friends. It was a 'bring your own' night this time including food so I made a Bailey's Cheesecake but unfortunately the side slipped - it still tasted really good.

Bailey's Cheesecake
Some friends are here for dinner tonight and I will be making a tarte tatin for pudding, I also made a Lemon and Pistachio Cake. This was a recipe Simon Rimmer baked on Sunday Brunch last week. I'm quite pleased with my bake !
Lemon and Pistachio Cake
I have also had a go at making Skittles Vodka - it's quite simple. Just separate the Skittles into colours - add to vodka and shake every day until dissolved. There's quite a lot of white goo left so you need to strain the vodka well. We'll be trying it tonight after dinner.

Skittles Vodka
Thanks for calling by and reading my stitchy and non-stitchy news :)

Monday, 17 August 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness August

Oh I'm late - and I only have one piece to share. I've been very busy in the garden and with stitching the Needlecraft Haven Spring Meet Up Exchange gift which I will be able to share soon.

August seems to be very un-summer like and with us having a few nice days I have been busy gardening - a little revamping which I need to get on with again today :) I don't know where the time goes, both the hours each day and the days each week - I am very behind with blog reading and posting, book reading, stitching and life in general - must be my age !!

Gifted Gorgeousness is a great SAL hosted by the lovely Jo (who seems to fit so much into her time) - thanks Jo for your hard work in blog land, it is really appreciated. This month I have a little update on my Herb Garden which is a gift for a friend who is retiring soon. It's a Drawn Thread design and I've converted the threads to DMC.

work in progress on my Herb Garden
I hope everyone is having a great summer (even on the wet days) thanks for calling by :)

Monday, 27 July 2015

Stitch from Stash Part B - July report

It was great 6 months doing Stitch from Stash Part A - and now it's time to start Stitch from Stash Part B. The lovely Mel hosts this SAL on her blog Epic Stitching ; every month we have a budget of £25 for buying stash, and we can earn money with our finishes. It's all virtual money but great fun to see how much stitching I can do without spending (it helps reduce the bulging boxes of thread and fabric too :)
My budget start for July is :£0.00

Month: July
Spent: £9.00
Earned: £24.00 

My budget at the end of July is: £40.00

I apologise for not being around much this last month but I was having great difficulty in finishing Philippa's graduation gift. It was a case of two stitches in, one stitch out. I managed to finish it just before her big day - here's the finished piece (Lizzie Kate, Promise Me) you can see her graduation pictures on my previous post here. I earned £16 on this finish. 

Philippa's Graduation Gift.
I have managed to finish the Four Season's SAL Summer Stitching on Needlecraft Haven. It should have been finished in June but it's now done and framed. Autumn stitching has started and needs to be finished by 30th September. I'm doing Jardin Prive's four trees from her free charts page and putting each into the frame as the seasons come and go. I earned £8 on this finish.

Jardin Prive - Summer
I have no progress to show on my Earth's Sampler, Santa's Village or December Drawn Thread but hopefully now I have completed Philly's gift I will be back on my rotation plan.  

I have made a few more scissor fobs - these are so simple to make. The hardest part is deciding which beads to use and holding onto the other end of the thread when starting off :) 

Scissor Fobs
 And I have a new start - another gift but the receiver is not online so I can share my progress - The Herb Garden by The Drawn Thread - I have spent £9 on this chart, the fabric 32ct ivory and DMC threads are all from my stash.

New start on The Herb Garden 
That's all from me - I hope everyone has had a good start to Part B, good luck with all your stitching and thank you for calling by :) 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Gifted Gorgeous July - a very special gift

Gifted Gorgeousness is a great SAL organised and hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching. It's always nice to give or receive a gift and Jo's SAL highlights just how generous stitchers are :)

I have been working on a very special gift and my previous monthly posts have been a little light, however I can now reveal my latest project. It's not been that easy to stitch, for some reason I kept miscounting and being one stitch out so Mr Frog sat permanently on my shoulder !!

The gift was for our daughter Philippa who graduated last Monday from the University of South Wales with a first degree in Sport Management and an additional Outstanding Performance Award. It was a very wet but very enjoyable day.
Lizzie Kate - Promise Me
Philippa Clare Hearnden
Special lady 
Philly and her housemates 
Hat's off !
Welsh weather !
Such a great day :) 
This year my theme  for my Christmas Tree at church is 'Joy to the World'. Thank you to everyone who's offered to stitch an ornament - when we arrived home from Wales there was a lovely parcel waiting. Nadine has stitched two beautiful ornaments, thank you Nadine. Now I have finished my big project I can get on with my own Joy stitching along with catching up with the monthly challenges on Needlecraft Haven.

Beautiful gifts from Nadine 
Thank you for calling by - have a great summer x x

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Stitch from Stash June 2015

It's the last post for part one of Stitch from Stash 2015 hosted by the lovely Mel at Epic Stitching. It's been a great 6 months and I am very pleased with my limited spend :)

My budget carried forward from May is: £190.98

Month: June
Spent: £8.99
Earned: £4.00 

My budget at the end of June and Part A of Stitch from Stash SAL is: £210.99

I have not done much stitching this month really and I certainly have not stuck to my rotation plan. I have a secret project to do and it's is giving me so much trouble. It's a lovely design and I have used the fabric before but I have had to do so much frogging as I keep being one stitch out. I have no idea what is going on, in over 30 years of stitching I have never had such trouble.

Anyway my first finish is the May Monthly Challenge on Needlecraft Haven. It's a lovely freebie design by Ajisai Press' Warm Winter Collection - it's called Woolly and Cosy. I have yet to make it up though. I earned £2 for this finish.

May Challenge 
My other finish is my second Joy ornament for my church tree. It was a freebie from Kissy Cross and is called 'Joy'  I also have to make it up. I earned £2 for this finish.

Joy Ornament 2
I have really enjoyed this SAL - I did last year too - and I'm looking forward to taking part in Part B with a little more stitching . Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog over the last six months and a special thank you to everyone who left a comment, they are always so nice to read, thank you :)