Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness May

It's Gifted Gorgeousness time again when we can share our crafts using any item gifted to us or our crafts we are gifting to others. This month my gifting is one large gift but it's not cross stitch it's my other hobby ..... baking. 

Jo at Serendipitous Stitching is our GG host, pop by to her blog to find the links to everyone else's giftingness. I do hope my baking is allowed Jo. 

The reason for my baking is later this month it is my Mum's 80th birthday. She will be away on a cruise so we celebrated a little early. I told her our local bowling club was having an Afternoon Tea and I'd got tickets for us all, a great idea just before her holiday. 

Well it was an Afternoon Tea ...... a surprise 80th birthday afternoon tea. Around 30 of her friends joined us and she certainly had no idea it was for her until a chorus of 'happy birthday' rang out as she entered the room. 

One of the ladies at the club did the sandwich, savouries, scones with cream catering and I baked all the cakes - it was a superb tea, plenty to go round. 

Mum's cake (I didn't bake it but I did decorate it)
Carrot cup cakes 
Lemon Butterfly cakes
Chocolate Guinness Cake (sliced at the venue)
Ginger and Pineapple tray bake (sliced at the venue) 
As well as baking Hubby and I made cards for the table that had fun facts about 1939 - top films, songs in the hit parade, how much things cost and who else was born in that year.

1939 fun facts
at little more about 1939
The room looked lovely, we borrowed some bunting from scouts, the club had some lacy table clothes and they had vintage china cups, saucers and plates. We had two tier stands for the cakes, it was certainly a great atmosphere.

Afternoon Tea Room 
Mum's place with menu and invitation
Mum and Keith enjoying the afternoon
Next month I will have some stitching to share but I hope you have enjoyed my 'other' GG, as you can see Mum certainly enjoyed her day ... once she recovered from the surprise !

Mum and her cake 

Monday, 22 April 2019

Easter time

We were away from Good Friday until Easter Sunday, you can read about our weekend on my travel blog Aimetu's.

Before we went I made some Easter treats: chocolate nests, Easter biscuits and a simnel cake for my Mum.
Simnel cake
I did put my ornaments out and decorated my Easter tree which is an old branch from my Grandmother's twisted hazelnut tree. I have just one stitched egg ornament from an exchange a few years ago, I should maybe stitch a few more for next year, especially as each year at least one of the other eggs breaks.

Easter Tree
Chick plant pot
Easter Ornament 
Our new door minder
Today is opening day for the Easter Exchange at Needlecraft Haven. For this exchange we had to make an Easter ornament for our partner and include a card with a sweet treat in the parcel. 

My partner was Julie who I know loves bunnies so I stitched this cute bobtail. I made it into a small pocket hanger and included two malteser bunnies. I also sent Julie some M&Ms eggs and a pack if decorative eggs I found in the supermarket.  
Ornament for Julie
Perfect pocket for Easter treats
Easter Exchange parcel for Julie
My parcel came from Astrid who lives in the USA, she sent a variety of treats. It's always good to try  new things, I especially like marshmallow, it will be interesting to try the Peeps. Astrid also sent some cute socks, perfect for my recovering foot a d a  beautiful handmade card. My ornament was a wooden basket with a beautiful stitched panel on the front, I'm already thinking about how it will be displayed each year. Thank you so much Astrid for a lovely exchange parcel.
My exchange parcel from Astrid
The wooden Easter basket from Astrid 
I hope you have all had a good Easter, our weather has been amazing so we have been able to enjoy the garden as the spring flowers bloom. 

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop

It's hopping time again, extra fun as it's treasure hunt time. Our Blog Hops are organised by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching, she is so organised with all the blogland activities she hosts - thanks Jo

For the Easter Treasure Hunt you need to visit everyone's blog to collect letters which will spell out a seasonal phrase, each blog will have the link to the next blog.

Pop along to Jo's blog for all the details - Serendipitous Stitching

Jo asked us to include a photo of our craftwork on the theme of Easter or spring. I'll be posting my Easter decorations on Easter Sunday so I chose to share my mini spring pillow. I stitched the series a few years ago as part of the Needlecraft Haven Four Season's SAL. I took advantage of a sunny day and took the photo with our spring flowers.

Are you ready Blog Hoppers? Here it is .... my letter in the Treasure Hunt is...

... and now you must hop over to Elfie's blog

Have fun hopping and hunting, wishing you all a Happy Easter🐣

Monday, 15 April 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness- April

It's Gifted Gorgeousness time, unbelievably the fourth of the year. Every month on the 15th we post about any gift sent or received or any item we have made using fabric, thread, chart or finishing item that was gifted. This super idea is hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching, you'll find links to all the other bloggers taking part on her blog.

My GG this month is a huge thank you to two special friends who live overseas and sent lovely cards and gifts as a pick me up after my surgery. I was so touched by their kindness, it certainly made me smile.

Deb sent me such a beautiful card, the words brought tears to my eye. She also sent some lovely fabric and some UK stamps she hadn't used whilst on holiday here - thank you Deb

Beautiful card, fabric gift and stamps from Deb
My other parcel was from Dusty, we've been friends for a long time, she came over to England and stayed with us a few years ago. I was so surprised when I opened the parcel; fabric, threads, ribbon, a super little chart and lovely card - thank you Dusty

My get well parcel from Dusty
As well as sending such lovely gifts Dusty also send three stunning hardanger ornaments for my Christmas Tree - they are just perfect, I'm looking forward to hanging these in church.

Three beautiful hardanger ornaments for my church tree
One of the ladies at Needlecraft Haven lives in Australia and recently had an emergency eye operation meaning she had to rest for many weeks - very difficult to find things to do if your sight is affected. I made a little hardanger coaster for her and sent a few pampering items and some chocolates. I was quite nervous posting her parcel as if it ended up by sea the parcel would have arrived long after her recovery ..... but the Post Office did as requested and it was sent airmail arriving whilst she was resting.
Hardanger coaster for Lesley
Pamper parcel that safely arrived in Australia
A gift is always a joy to receive and and even greater joy to give ....

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Temperature Quilt - first three months

I cannot believe three months of 2019 have gone by. I have just completed my two Temperature Quilts to the 4th April. The evening temperature is dipping again with a frost one morning and although we had two days of warmth it turned cold again with flurries of snow!

Day time quilt
Night time quilt
My other stitching recently is for an exchange, a challenge that is revealed at the end of the month and a special birthday gift so I cannot share any of those just now. I will have a few things to share next week for GG 2019.

The garden is looking lovely with a few more blooms appearing which is good as we are still sleeping downstairs. We've been decorating our bedroom the whole two years since my fall... we had started it before and to be honest I lost interest. So while the bed is downstairs we are finally getting it sorted.

I took these few close ups on my phone, I'm quite pleased with how they came out.
Double daffodil
It's 4 weeks since my operation and two weeks since my stitches were removed and I was allowed to walk on my foot. It's been slow progress but I am now walking unaided, can get my boots on, walk up/down stairs and manage about half way around Lidl. My ankle isn't painful but sore and swells quite a bit. The movement in my foot is great, so much better than with the metalwork so I am hoping once the scars heal and the swelling stops I will be back to how I was before my fall which was 2 years ago today.

The scars are healing really well although they are quite sensitive so wearing socks is a little uncomfortable, I'm hoping the weather does warm up soon for more reason than the colours on my quilts.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Everywhere is progressing

Last Thursday I had my bandage off and stitches out revealing two 8inch very neat scars. My ankle feels like my foot again and I am walking almost normally around the house. It does swell so still needs plenty of elevation and I can't walk far but already I am starting to feel like I did before my fall in April 2017.

We're still sleeping downstairs in the conservatory, as we are not overlooked we only have roof blinds. It's getting light at 5.30 so not too early and this Saturday our clocks go forward an hour so we'll be able to sleep in a bit. 

The garden is progressing into spring, being north facing it takes a few weeks into a new year until we get sun so our bulbs and flowers are a little behind. Everything is now starting to bloom, I'm expecting them to all come out this weekend .... typically we're away but I'm sure they will still be out on Monday when we get home. 

Lady Clare camelia - this should be red but after its first
year it has always bloomed white - stunning flower 
There are so many buds this year
These came out one at a time,
three great colours
DH moved these into the sun to encourage them to bloom
Our fig, new to the garden last year
My finally piece of progression is my Temperature Quilt, a SAL with my friends at Needlecraft Haven. I've stitched up to the 25th March on both pieces.

The temperature is forecast warm today and tomorrow so I'm hoping the yellow will appear again on my day quilt. Because there is no cloud the night temperature is dropping so the light blue may be needed again on my night quilt. It's so interesting to see the changes and the stitch design is very clever, I'm really enjoying this SAL.

Day Time Temperature Quilt 
Night Time Temperature Quilt 
It is nearly the end of March, that's three months of 2019 already. This Sunday is Mother's Day here in the UK - best wishes to all the Mums - and Monday being the 1st April is April Fool's Day so watch out for the spoofs!

Friday, 15 March 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness - March

It's Gifted Gorgeousness time - a superb idea hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching to share our gifts both sent and received. It's lovely to see everyone's gifts which can be:
  • any chart, kit, thread, fabric or finishing items you have been given
  • any chart, kit, thread, fabric or finishing items you have won in a giveaway
  • any chart, kit, thread, fabric or finishing items you have bought using a voucher given to you/won by you
  • anything you have gifted to someone else
My first item is a gift I stitched for a very good friend who we met through the wine industry. Last month was the People's Choice Wine Awards, for which I was a judge, and I knew she would be there so made this small gift. She loved it, it now lives in her office. 

A gift for a wine loving friend 
To my huge surprise I won a giveaway on Rosey's blog, Ishkabibble. It's a beautiful chart by The Needle and I with a heart for each season. I have an idea already about how to finish these, although I will be altering summer slightly.
Thank you Rosey 
A week on from my ankle operation and my foot feels ok, the stitches are starting to itch which, although frustrating as I cannot get to them, is a good sign.

Last week my Hubby and daughter bought me some lovely flowers. I had great fun yesterday wheeling into the kitchen (I am not allowed to weight bear until next week) and stretching over the sink to refresh them all. They all look like new and will hopefully last a while yet.

Gorgeous flowers from Hubby
Beautiful bouquet from Philly
It's always nice to give and receive gifts, I hope you've had a lovely March GG too.