Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Topsy Turvy October - Valentine's


Today is the opening day for the second Topsy Turvy SAL album on Facebook - Valentine's Oct 21

As well as joining the TT SAL on Facebook, you can post about your stitching on your own blog or join in with the members of Needlecraft Haven.

I decided this month to do some speciality stitches using the heart idea from A Feathered Nest. I have loved doing some free hand stitching, it was a bit daunting making up the design as I went along but I'm very pleased with how it has turned out. 

I am on the search now for a centre piece although I'm not 100% sure of what I want, hopefully I will know when I see it.

Hopefully once I have the centre piece I will know how I want to finish it, so many decisions, so much choice.

Topsy Turvy SAL's next two months are all about spring, this could be two individual projects or a larger project over the two months ... I'll be blogging about ideas at the start of November. 

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Gifted Gorgeousness for October

Well I am struggling this month to find anything I haven't shown already or that I can show so my news is not much. 

I have been stitching a Valentine's piece for this month's Topsy Turvy SAL, I'm using a lovely red fabric my Mum gave me along with a few other cross stitch pieces. I can't show yet as the 20th is reveal day.

I'm about to start a Faby Reilly design on a piece of 34ct linen that was in the bag from Mum. I can't share the design as it will be a gift for Christmas but here's another sneaky pic. 

Mum also gave me a bag of felt, I used a lovely piece of burgundy to back my Happy New Year piece for last month's Topsy Turvy. I did post it in this month's FFO but here it is again. 

Thanks Jo for hosting Gifted Gorgeousness, if you'd like to see everyone's gifts or received items you can find the links on Jo's blog Serendipitous Stitching 

Happy stitching everyone .... 

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Fully Finished Objects in October


Rachel, Ten Hour Stitcher, hosts Fully Finished Objects for us to show and tell about the crafty items we have completely finished. I've had a finishing day today, some items I can't share just yet but these are the pieces I can show in this month's FFO. 

Firstly my 12 Days of Christmas using designs from Jardin Prive and Plum Street Sampler. 

I'm enjoying these but I'm regretting using invisible thread for the edging and beads... only three more of each to do. 

My other finish is my first piece for my new Topsy Turvy SAL. I launched this in September with the first month's theme being Happy New Year. I'm very pleased with my finish and can't wait to hang it up in January. 

I'm about to start my next Topsy Turvy piece ... this month it's Valentine's 

Friday, 1 October 2021

Topsy Turvy SAL- Valentine's

Topsy Turvy SAL is in it's second month: you can join in on Facebook, with Needlecraft Haven or by blogging on your own blog. October stitching is all about 'Valentine's' - a chance to stitch or make anything about love, hearts, friendship 

I have found a few freebie designs online, I'm not sure what I'm making this month, so much choice. Here are my finds:

Heart of hearts

Hearts 2 cross stitch

Love heart


I also found this page is full of ideas using various crafts:      Snuggly Monkey

This photo is a mini pillow I stitched a few years ago for Valentine's although I do also display it on our wedding anniversary. It's a Primative Hare freebie.

The sharing time for Valentine's is the 20th October - you can add to the Facebook album or post on your blog. There is also an album on Needlecraft Haven.

I'm a little late with my September WIPocalypse, here's how I did: 

  • New Year design for TT SAL - stitched
  • 12 Days of Christmas - Nine Ladies Dancing, PSS and JP designs - both stitched
  • JCS ornament SAL - My Big Toe Designs - Merry Christmas - a little more stitched
  • JCS ornament SAL  - Lisa LeAnn Designs - O Christmas Tree - nothing
  • JCS ornament SAL - The Little Stitcher - St. Lucy's Light - nothing 
  • Summer Challenge with Needlecraft Haven  - nothing

Here's my October plans, hopefully I will get a little bit more done than last month: 

  • Valentine's design for TT SAL
  • 12 Days of Christmas - Ten Lords a Leaping(PSS and JP designs)
  • JCS ornament SAL - My Big Toe Designs - Merry Christmas
  • JCS ornament SAL  - Lisa LeAnn Designs - O Christmas Tree
  • JCS ornament SAL - The Little Stitcher - St. Lucy's Light
  • Summer and Autumn Challenge with Needlecraft Haven
  • Halloween Exchange with Needlecraft Haven 

Thursday, 30 September 2021

Birthday thank you

As it's the final day of September I should post my birthday thank yous. It's been a different birthday this year, my birthday is the 10th and we were on holiday with our friends touring Scotland - catch up on our travels at Aimetu's - wine, food and travel (I've loads more to be blogged yet). 

I did take my cards away to open but left any gifts here until we came home. I was very lucky this year as DH gave me two cards .... we were half way to Scotland when he realised he'd left my card and gift safely hidden at home hee hee. I put my cards up in our guesthouse bedroom and when we arrived home after a day out the owner had left a bottle of bubbly for us. My friend's birthday is the day after mine so the chaps were on spoil duty our first few days away!

I have been enjoying our hot tub all summer, I think it helps with my MS but I know it helps me relax and lets the worries drift away. Hubby bought me this superb gift, it's just perfect, although no skinny dipping is allowed!

My sister-in-law gave me a lovely treat box from her, my nephew and mother-in-law. It's has mini bottles of bubbly, edible rose petals, edible glitter and sparkles for cocktail making, although I've been using them on my cakes, thanks Julie, Scott and Syb.

I love sloths, they could be me especially on a sofa day, slowly slowly moving round ... they are also so very very cute, like I said they could be me. Our friends bought these for me in Scotland, I love the expression on the sloth's face, thanks Rob & Kathy

My stitchy friend Christine sent me a gorgeous book by Durene Jones, I've only recently discovered this designer and have been stitching quite a few of her designs so this book was perfect, thank you Christine. 

Ed Balls was an MP and to be honest not one of my favourites; since leaving politics he's been on a few cooking shows and my opinion is changing. He is such a dedicated family man and his cooking is amazing. I'd mentioned I'd like his book as it's about his life as well as having recipes in ... my lovely son gave me this the night before we left for our holiday. I can't wait to try his souffle recipe, something I have never made before, thanks Michael.

My crafty friend in USA made me a beautiful wine table runner with coasters for a previous birthday, they are perfect for using under our gazebo. This year she made me a tea wallet, it holds six tea sachets which is perfect for taking on a mini break, thank you Deb.

My lovely friend Julie is always so thoughtful with her gift. The last few years have been quite difficult for her and although she only lives about half an hour away we have not been able to meet up for a long long time. I love the flower broach she has made and my friendship angel will be put on my project bag so with me all the time, thank you Julie.

Gill is a member of Needlecraft Haven (as are Christine, Deb and Julie) and does many crafts. Her art and card making is beautiful. This year she has stitched me a wine card, so so me. I'm thinking what I might use this for, I love covering box lids but I don't need a wine box so for now it will stand in our display unit with all my wine paraphernalia until inspiration hits, thank you Gill

My Mum's gift included a snifter set. It's not something I have seen before but it's a little bottle of gin liqueur and an empty mini jar to make a small cocktail in ... a new idea but looks fun, thanks Mum.

To accompany my hot tub sign Hubby also gave me two signs for the wall under our gazebo, our entertaining area. I do know a little about cocktails as our son has worked in the hospitality trade for over 10 years and is well known for his super cocktail making. The shots are new to me ... it will be fun making a few, maybe they will be a more warming as the winter approaches than a long cocktail, huge thank Nick

I had a lovely day when we were away, a super meal with Hubby and our son when we came home, and later today our daughter Philippa and partner Michael are here for another celebration so as I said it's been a different birthday this year .... I'm just so grateful to still be here to celebrate one! 

Sunday, 26 September 2021

September Smalls


Mary at 
Mary's Thread hosts the Smalls SAL. On the last Friday of the month we share our small stitching items that we have completed but not necessarily fully finished. Mary has a link up post on her blog so we can pop over to see everyone's work. 

I'm a little late as I've been busy baking cakes for Macmillan Coffee Morning. The actual morning was Friday but I've pledged a few large cakes for individual donations which I'm delivering over the next few days. 

Anyway my Smalls this month are my Jardin Prive 12 Days piece for September, nine ladies dancing and my Happy New Year for the Topsy Turvy SAL.

I think this is my favourite so far in this set, it has everything in it: flowers, sun, nature and the joy of dancing. Whilst on holiday I saw the perfect tin for my 12 Days ornaments, it has toffees and fudge in but I bought it for the tin ... I guess I'll have to eat the sweets to empty the tin hee hee

The first month of Topsy Turvy SAL was New Year; this SAL is on Facebook, here in Blogland a d on Needlecraft Haven so you can join in anywhere, any month. Posting is 20th of each month and this month the Facebook page has five participants so far ... all different and not all stitching. 

My piece was cross stitch, I took it on our holiday to Scotland and managed to get the gold wording stitched. If you would like to read about our travels I'll be blogging on Aimetu's - wine, food and travel, it will take me a while to blog about it all so keep popping back.

Thank you to everyone who joined in TTSAL this month, next month is Valentine's. 

Monday, 20 September 2021

Topsy Turvy September - Happy New Year


I'm very excited as today it the opening day for the first Topsy Turvy SAL album - Happy New Year Sept 21

You can join the TT SAL on Facebook, post about your stitching on your own blog or join in with the members of Needlecraft Haven.

I took my stitching away on our holiday to Scotland, although I did not get very much done (too much to see, too much whisky to drink). The fabric I used was in my stash so I'm not sure where it came from. I chose it because it was stiff and easy to work on free hand. 

I decided to stitch the free chart from Cottage Needlecrafts and I'm hoping to finish it as a flat ornament.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's Topsy Turvy stitching, it won't be long before we start our next theme, where does the time go!