Saturday, 26 July 2008

She is beautiful

We went to Nottingham today to see my stitchy friend Melanie. She had a beautiful baby girl, Elizabeth, quite a few weeks early and Elizabeth only weighed 3lb 2oz.
She is now out of the incubator, has no drips and weighs nearly 4lb. Melanie is doing well too. Elizabeth is tiny but gorgeous.

This is the stitching gift I made for her.

We are off to our caravan tomorrow for a week. Have a good week, happy stitching.


  1. aaaaah Melanies little angel looks gorgeous, well done Melanie :)

    Lovely stitched gift Clare :)

  2. oooooo Elizabeth is beautiful...

    a lovely birth sampler too!!

  3. awww what a little angel, so cute. A lovely keepsake gift. Enjoy your week away.

  4. Oh what a little sweetheart she is. :0) A lovely keepsake.
    Have a great time Clare. :0)


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