Sunday, 26 October 2008

News, news and more news !

I have lots to share - and some of it is actually to do with stitching LOL!.

Firstly we had a fabulous time yesterday for DS's 18th birthday. We went to Frankie and Benny's and the food and service was brilliant. I gave DS some money so he could go the the bar and buy everyone a drink - of course they asked for id which made a lovely moment :) DS had said he didn't want a cake at the restaurant so we just had a balloon - however once we had finished our main course the lights dimmed and one of the waitresses brought over a chocolate brownie with marshmallows with a candle on and they played "happy birthday" music - of course the whole restaurant cheered him. All of this was the restaurant's own doing we hadn't asked and we were not charged - it was such a nice thing to do.

Here we are - going from left round the table - my mum (quilter supreme), DD (we don't look alike do we LOL), mil, me, mil's partner, DH, my dad (peeping over DS's head), DS (the birthday boy) and my step-dad.

We all came home then to have DS's cake - and got the grandparents to have a game of bowling on the Wii - just a practice really for Christmas Day.

Today I am going to a dedication service for a replacement statue in the town park. I am chairman for Nuneaton District Scouts and have been in scouting for over 20 years. We always take part in Remembrance Parade but two years ago the town statue to the Boer War soldier was stolen for scrap metal (there are some wicked people around). The town has raised enough money to have it replaced and it has a new postition outside the museum facing the war memorial. Today is the dedication ceremony and in a few weeks is Remembrance Parade where it will be part of our service. It has been on Central News so you may have heard about it. I think there will be many people there today to welcome "Old Bill" home.

Stitching news - As Julie said on her blog I am doing one of the decorated trees in my family church this year and have decided to deck it with stitched ornaments. DH and my dad came up with the name " A Fine Needle Tree" which I think is perfect. I have many ornaments from my stitching friends already which usually hang on our tree and I am going to get stitching to make a few more, especially as my JCS magazine arrived yesterday. Thanks to everyone who has offered to join in - special thanks to Julie for sharing her ornament and for stitching it so quickly :)

Final piece of news is I am organising a Meet Up here in Nuneaton. It will be on March 14th 2009 and if enough people are coming I will hire the school library again which is a fabulous room for stitching, the light is so good. Not that much stitching gets done as there is so much nattering LOL. We will be going to the pub for a meal afterwards and if anyone is wanting to stay over to help with the journey there are two Travelodges nearby which offer great value rooms. If anyone is interested in coming please email me -

What a lot of news for today - hope everyone is having a good Sunday and to friends in the UK "have you turned your clocks back?"


  1. Looks like a good time was had my all Clare!

    I'd love to stitch up and ornament for you but is it OK if I make a start after half term? I don't think I'll get chance before then.

  2. That should have read by all!!

  3. Aww you look like you all had a great time.

    You know I'm up for the Nuneaton Meeting. Def sorted out our clocks in the house phew, just DH's to sort out.

    HUgs xxxxx

  4. Happy 18th to DS. Hope he had a great day.


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