Sunday 9 November 2008

Another ornament for "A Fine Needle Tree"

I received another ornament on Friday for the charity tree at the church festival. Elisa kindly sent a gorgeous green and gold ornament - thanks Elisa.

I have been up the (very cold) attic and found all the ornaments I already have. With those and the lovely new ones I have received I now have 26 - thanks to everyone who has helped and I know some more have been pledged. I am intending to stitch a few more too.

This morning was a sombre yet proud day in my Scouting calendar as we take part in the towns Remembrance Parade. It was very windy which made it cold but the morning stayed dry and the sun shone. So many wreaths were laid and my heart goes out to all who have suffered for our country, and for the many many who have given their lives. God bless.

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog and for taking the time to add a comment.


  1. you have done well with all your ornements. This new one is lovely too.

  2. My heart also goes out to the many families with sons/daughters/husbands/wives etc still serving. I know that for many of them everyday is like living on a knife edge when they have loved ones abroad.

  3. Another beautiful ornament Clare.

    Thank you for the email. Will reply later.

  4. A lovely ornie from Elisa, this tree is going to be so lovely and special

  5. Another gorgeous ornie, hoping to get one sorted for you this coming weekend.

    Hugs xxxxx

  6. You're doing well with ornaments for your church tree. The one Elisa has sent you is beautiful.


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