Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Philippa's Birthday

Yesterday was our DD's 15th birthday. She didn't want a particular gift this year - just wanted to go shopping LOL, so we took her to Meadowhall at Sheffield and boy did she shop. DH and I were exhausted, but it was great to see Philippa enjoying herself. I treated myself to a purchase from Paperchase, a new pencil tin. I don't like cases and have searched everywhere for a new one, it's dark purple background with lots of 70's style flowers over it.

This year Philippa made her own cake - she did it all, baking and icing. It looked great and tasted delicious.

There must be something magical about turning 15 because DS gave DD a book - she doesn't read but liked the film Twilight so he bought her the book. Well she hasn't put it down, she was even reading in the car yesterday - I'm really pleased as DH, DS and I are all avid readers. I've just finished "Winter Rose" by Patricia McKillip, it's one I borrowed from the school library. I have never heard of the author but fancied the title and it turned out to be quite a good read, lots of intrigue, mystery, two different worlds and of course love. I've now started reading "The Beckoning Hills" by Ruth Elwin Harris - it's one of the Sisters of the Quantock Hills series.

I have been stitching but the things I've made are gifts so I can't share just yet. I did not do any of my Perennial Garden for JA UFO Night yesterday because I was so tired after all the shopping so I don't even have that stitching to show...BUT... tonight I have made a few cards. They look better in the photo than in real life LOL. They are from a DMC card kit, I did a Christmas one the other year so decided to have a go at the pink birthday one but I'm not so pleased with these. I am going to add some "Happy Birthday" or "Best Wishes" stickers on.

Half term is half way over and I have stacks to do still, but it is nice to be at home for a while. I hope everyone else is having a good week whether it's half term or not for you :)


  1. That's a lovely cake - she's got real talent there - just like her mum ;-)
    We're all avid readers here except for DS .Ellie was reading at three and had a reading age of 12 at 5 .DH is doing half term duty and they've been potting plants and making up some of the Christmas presents (craft work) that Ellie got.

  2. Happy Birthday to DD.
    My girls loved the Twilight books too, and are quite in love with Edward!

  3. Beautiful cake, well done Philippa.

    Enjoy the rest of your half term hols.

  4. Belate Happy Birthday to your DD. Cake looks gorgeous - she has a flare for it. Your cards look lovely too.
    My reading list has just grown again. LOL
    Enjoy the rest of the half-term. :0)


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