Wednesday 22 April 2009


Firstly thank all for looking at my other blog - hopefully over the year it will grow and grow.

As I have finished my Perennial Garden I have decided to finish a very old UFO. Quite a few years ago I was a model stitcher for Millennia Designs. I love Karen Dixon's designs and fell completely in love with her Walter Crane's Jousting Knights.

I love France but am very proud to be English (I have my rose ready for tomorrow). These two designs are just me. I finished St Denis a few years ago and St George has been sitting in the cupboard waiting to be finished. You can tell from the creases how long they have been stored.

It thought it quite appropriate to pick up St George again especially at this time of year. The first job is a bit of ironing and then next Tuesday I can get going. With the help of Julie and my fellow UFOers on JA I am sure St George will soon be ready to joust.

My final bit of news is I have lost another 1 1/2 pounds - I am pleased but slightly surprised as it was Easter LOL


  1. At last we see what the UFO is :-)

    St George, a brilliant date to start him too.

    Congrats on the weight loss

  2. WTG on the weight loss Clare. :0)
    Love the new UFO & will enjoy watching it develop. So apt too. :0)


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