Monday 18 May 2009

Stitching and books

I have finally finished my other hardanger bookmark - good job too as I'm teaching on Saturday.
This one is the Intermediate Bookmark on 28ct fabric. I used evenweave fabric in ecru, DMC perle #8 & #12 in ecru and DMC 3348 stranded cotton.

I have six bookmarks now stitched, two versions of each.

I am busy now finishing off my charts, and when my stash order arrives I will be able to kit them up. I am getting quite excited about the day.

I will be adding the charts to my charity blog when we get back from Wales.

I have been reading quite a bit too, I've just finished Delicious by Nicky Pellegrino. It's a lovely story set in Italy, I have left a write up in The Reading Corner. It was up for grabs and has now found a new home with Christine :) - the full list of my books looking for a new home is on the right hand side of my blog.

I don't think I will get much more stitching done this week because of getting ready for Saturday. I do have quite a few pieces to take to Wales with me including this months Christmas Ornaments for Miss-tree. I also have a couple of birthdays and other gifts I would like to stitch.

Yesterday was hairdressing day - our good friend Mel comes here and does all 5 of us (including my dad). She has just had a baby girl and she bought Summer (3 weeks old) along too. We had a great time taking it in turns to have our hair cut and hold the baby.This is a great picture of Philippa with Summer asleep on her, and she is still doing her revision. She has her English GCSE exam tomorrow (she is taking it a year early - schools decision not ours)

Happy stitching to everyone and have a good time if you are away for half term next week.


  1. Those bookmarks are fabulous!

  2. Wow, your bookmarks are gorgeous!

  3. That is another lovely design... I will definitely buy a chart or two from you when they are available.

    Hope you have a lovely holiday... did you sort those details for me.. if not what are the names of the churches and I will get the numbers ???

    Take care

    Big Hugs


  4. Great bookmarks and sweet pic of your DD and the baby.
    Hugs shellie

  5. Your bookmarks are gorgeous!

    Good luck to your DD for her English GCSE.

  6. Looking forward to the bookmark charts going on sale - they are so pretty! Lovely pic. Good Luck to Philippa - hope the exam goes well. Best wishes for Saturday & have a lovely time teaching & at the caravan.

  7. Good Luck Phillippa, i'm sure you will be fine though.

    The last pic we saw of her she had a baby on her knee too LOL

    Will be thinking of you Saturday, cant wait to hear all about it next week.

  8. Hi Clare,

    Wonderful book marks, I expect it will be fine on saturday for you, and good luck to your daughter, Exams!! Such a worry. My daughter is an Examination Officer in two Cambridge Schools and is as stressed as the children! Getting the right bunch of children into an Exam is evidently very stressful! They have foreign students as outside candidates and as some don't speak good English she has no end of troubles, Last year three Russian students turned up at the wrong school so she ended up driving to get them!
    They do their own language as a GCSE for the certificates and of couse the school gets extra money for doing it, but not my daughter, she just gets stress!!
    Chris x
    PS Very Well done on your weight loss I crashed last week so am hoping for a better result this week!LOL

  9. the bookmarks are super Clare, well done!
    How cute is little summer?
    Wishing Philippa every success in her exams my DS is sitting his highers at the moment
    congrats on the weight loss, I need to do something about mine


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