Monday, 3 August 2009

News Update

Well I have no stitching news as I am busy doing the Mail Art Exchange and I can't share until it's been received. I am working hard on it as I want to use my overlocker and we go away on Saturday so I'm hoping I have enough done to stitch some of it together before we go and finish off in Wales.

Ruby is doing really well. She no longer wears a Dap collar and is learning to behave much more. She still chews my houseplants and pinches the effect coals off the fire but she is getting better. Over the weekend we took here on a lovely walk along the canal and round the Battle of Bosworth field. We even let her off the lead on the tow path and she did come back ... phew. Tonight we have taken her over the local playing field and let her off again, just for a short while. She was excellent and did come back, especially when mum had some chews.

Today I stripped half the conservatory wallpaper. It's been over 10 years since it was done and we fancy a change, nothing drastic but it's looking grubby and faded so needs a freshen up. Over the next few days I am hoping to finish stripping and then washing it all down with sugar soap. Next job will be sanding back the walls and woodwork but I don't think I'll do that until we get back from Wales.

Well that's all from me... back to Mail Arting ;)


  1. Can't wait until you can show off your mail art!

  2. Good luck with the decorating, as you know we are in the middle of a fun re-organising upstairs. I have small paper patches all over the small bedroom wall (must stop calling it my study!)

    Can't wait to see this mail art exchange

  3. Mail arting here too LOL

    Happy decorating ... i hate the stripping bit!

  4. I don't mind the stripping but the rest I leave to the experts, although I can (if pushed) hang wallpaper.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  5. Looking forward to seeing your mailart piece.
    Hate all the prep for decorating so don't envy you the tasks - worth it when it's done though. :0)
    Well done Ruby, she's definitely settling in well. :0)

  6. Sounds like you'll be needing another break after the decorating

  7. Good luck, we tried wallpapering once in our first house. Just once. Everything gets painted now.


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