Thursday, 10 September 2009

Birthday contest .... and Giveaway too

Today I am 44 - and for me this should mean a fabulous year ahead as 4 is my lucky number so for the next year I should be doubly lucky (well I can hope can't I?)

I have a very enjoyable birthday,normal as I had work but fun. DH brought me breakfast in bed and gave me a bottleof my favourite chanpagne and a new book. DD gave me Jane Austin's dvd set, DS gave be a beautiful clock and a gift card to get a book from Waterstones. DH also bought me these beautiful flowers.

My Head of English gave me a bottle of wine (she knows me so well) and my best buddy at work gave me some lovely smellies to paper myself.

Angie (a stitchy friend) sent me these beautiful roses by post,

and Julie made me these gorgeous knitted socks, perfect for the caravan in Wales. She also sent me some beautiful Polstitches perle #8 and #12 thread. Luckily they survived the Ruby attack as she confettied the post.

I am in the JA Birthday Exchange and received these gorgeous threads from Elisa, Anne, Kate and Jane.

and the MS Society sent a thank you letter for my fundraising - you can read it on my charity blog Aimetu's Stitchery.
We are off out tonight to the Wing Wah for a chinese buffet and after work tomorrow we're off to Wales again, hopefully this time the sun will shine.

Because it's my birthday I am having a competition to win a little something from me :) To enter just post a reply to this blog answering the following question;

Which year was I born in?

If you post about my contest and giveaway on your own blog I will enter your name twice for the competition and include an extra chart in the giveaway.
The giveaway details are on Aimetu's Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who has made today so good, happy stitching.


  1. Happy birthday my dear - sounds like it was a good one , the sun shone as well !!!

  2. 1965 two years after me!!!

    Happy Birthday, hope you are having a lovely meal. Enjoy your weekend away, they are predicing sun for us, not sure about Wales though LOL

  3. sounds like you had a lovely day - Happy Birthday!!
    you were born in 1965 - 6 years after me!

  4. happy birthday to you. i will also guess 1965 too.
    hope you had a great meal out

  5. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you

    Ok that's enought singing from me, don't want the sunny weather to disappear :)

    Oh and it's 1965

  6. Belated happy birthday - I'm late as ever. The year is 1965 and you are 15 months younger than me!

    You've been royally spoilt today and did you get the 'happy bathday' song sung at Wing Wah? Ask Ursh about last year when we went there for the evening and ended up in fits!

  7. Happy Birthday! 1965, five years after me

  8. Happy Birthday to you.

    Your year of birth is 1965.

    (I have kids nearly that old)

    Mary in Tennessee

  9. Happy Birthday. 1965 - a good year!
    Please enter me into your giveaway

  10. Belated Happy Birthday Clare - so glad you had such a nice day. :0)
    Sorry again!
    1965 - the same year as my DSis. :0)

  11. Happy birthday Clare, I can't say how much older I am than you as it might just shock the world, but my daughter is one year younger than you!!
    The socks are fab I am knitting some myself as they are, as you will agree a super pressie to receive.
    Back to work??? I listened to my friend's tale of the terrible year 3s she has this year. I didn't say again to her, retirement is great!!
    Back from hols myself and SW went out the window, just for the week and now a new start, you have done so well to lose what you have, well done.
    Happy stitching and blessings.
    Chris x

  12. HI Clare

    Glad you had a lovely birthday

    I think your birth year is 1965... 18 months before me.



  13. Belated Happy Birthday Clare. You received some lovely gifts.


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