Friday 16 October 2009

Stitch Night

It was stitch night last night at mum's - although we only meet once a month it comes round really quickly. Four of us went last night:

Mum (Jan) - working on another quilt - lots of hand quilting on a huge double quilt.

Jan - working on a silk embroidery. Jan paints the picture onto the fabric then adds embroidery.

Maureen - binding the edging ready for her Celtic Christmas project. I had got all the materials for Maureen from Sew and So so she was busy setting it all up. Her frame wasn't big enough so Jan (who lives across the road from mum) popped home and lent Maureen a larger frame.

Clare (oh that's me LOL) - another ornament for Miss-tree. I have three or four now ready for finishing so I'm hoping to get sticking tonight.

We were busy all night and couldn't believe how quickly 9.30 came. Hopefully we can find a few more people to come along and get the group going properly.

DH has been off sick this week with a terrible cold, I'm not sure Ruby made a good nurse though. She is a monkey at times. We are doing the sponsored walk this Sunday - 6 miles - so I hope the weather stays fine.

Not much more news and no photos this week, but I'll take some of the ornaments when they're done.

Have a good weekend :)


  1. Sounds a nice cosy evening . Good luck for Sunday , hope the weathers kind to you
    Take care

  2. Sounds like a great evening....have a great walk on Sunday :)

  3. Sounds as if you were all busy, hope the walk went well. We had a lovely morning but an overcast afternoon.


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