Sunday, 3 January 2010

Stitching - hurrah

Well I think 2010 will be good if the last few weeks is anything to go by. We have changed Ruby's food to only natural ingredients so I cook meat and two veg for her every day BUT she is so much better and most evenings now settles down for a long sleep by 'mum'. She now comes to us for fuss and although she still barks a little it is nothing to like the first few months. All this means I CAN STITCH :) :) :)

I have just updated the 2010 Weekly SAL with my work on St George (Julie - I'm still working on it). It's a lovely SAL with loads of beautiful work - quite enabling so I better be careful.

Unfortunately the frog visited today too so although I have done all the red on the left I actually did it twice LOL. I hope he carries on with his own stitching and leaves mine alone in future.

I had a fantastic moment on Saturday. I have also joined the Little House Ornies SAL which is to stitch the ornaments from Little House Needleworks as they are released each month. I have ordered mine with Down Sunshine Lane and they post them out each month from US. The first ornament was Fa La La and it was released in November 2009. I watched the SAL blog with envy as everyone stitched theirs but mine didn't arrive - well Saturday it did, hurrah. I now have my copy and can get stitching. Well done Postie - 21st November to 2nd January - not so long long really, just a year apart LOL.

Back to work tomorrow - I've had a brilliant festive season, we've spent time with family and friends, been on a coupleof breat days out and had some quiet time at home.

Happy stitching to you all - I hope you have many HDs in 2010.


  1. Lovely stitching on St George. I am so glad you finally I have Fa La La. Hope you get the next one a bit quicker.

  2. Hi Clare

    Hope your back to work goes well and it is a non contact day for you!
    We changed Nell's food to James Wellbeloved, costs a lot more but she is less hyper but still needs a really long walk each day thank goodness Mike likes walking too!
    Shall look forward to seeing your stitching on the 2010 SAL!
    Happy Stitching
    Chris x

  3. A great progress pic, just because i post Mr Stick tuesday doesn't mean you have to actually stitch that night, some girls do other nights.

  4. St George is looking good - well his horse's bum is looking good anyway, can't realy see him yet ;)

    Glad your lhn chart finally turned up

  5. Sorry you had a visit from the frog on St George. It's coming along well though:)

  6. Glad to hear you and the family had a lovely Christmas break Clare.
    St George is looking great and I am looking forward to seeing your Little House Sal finishes. Hugs!

  7. Hope the darned frog has gone back into hibernation now. Great to see St G again. Am finding the SAL keeps me focused - amazing what an update deadline does for you! LOL
    Looking forward to seeing your LHN ornies through the year. :0)
    Love your garden visitor. :0)

  8. I am in love with that frog pattern! How cute and whimsical...


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