Monday, 3 May 2010

Over one in Wales :)

We have been to our caravan for the Bank Holiday weekend. It was surprisingly quiet, not many people around at all. The weather was good but such a cold wind. We have a long horse lead which we use to take Ruby on the beach for a run, you can see how much she enjoys it (sorry about my fashion sense lol)

On Friday I did the MS Society Cake Bake at school for the staff as it was our teacher training day. All last week I baked a few cakes each night. They looked great all laid out but they didn't last long.

Thanks to my brilliant colleagues I raised £80 - thanks everyone it was a fab day :)

Over the weekend I have done some stitching. I have taken part in the GOS Challenge #6. I did not have a varigated red thread so used a dinky dyes pink. I stitched it over one and made a scissor fob. I did not have any stuffing at the caravan so used a bit of rice lol. (sorry Blogger has turned my photo again - one day I'll work out why - I've tried everything both on the camera and the pc lol)

I don't think I've anymore news although I do have the feeling there is something I forgot.... oh yes just another photo of Ruby enjoying the garden sun - well a bone actually.

Thanks for sharing my news - happy blogging and stitching x x


  1. What fun! Mt Sheba would go nuts on the beach! Ruby looks happy in the garden too.

  2. Love your take on the GOS #6. I will be posting mine shortly.

    Wales looks like such a beautiful place. I can't wait until I am able to spend a vacation in the British Isles!

  3. Your GOS # 6 is beautiful. Your pictures are lovely too.

  4. Lovely pictures from Wales Clare and your GOS looks really pretty.

  5. Lots of nice spring flowers in your garden, Ruby looks like she enjoyed that bone and the run on the beach.

    Well done on the cake bake, thats a great amount to have raised.

    Good luck with your entry in the challenge this month

  6. Love that scissor fob! Well done on your cake bake

  7. Great pics Clare & looks like you all had fun. The baked goodies look tasty - big well done on the amount raised. The fob is lovely, so Good Luck in the Challenge. :0)

  8. Our Jazzy will have to wait till July to run on the beach !
    Lovely stitching as always . Looks like you had a good weekend in spite of the weather

  9. OOOOee I want a caravan!!! Looks like a lovely weekend was had by all especially Ruby!

    Thank you for your commiserations about our shed, It was a dreadful shock and we are still upset about it, of course it isn't covered by insurance but we will buy a new petrol mower as it was so useful.
    Worse things could happen I guess, but this was pretty bad for us.
    Thank you
    Love and Blessings
    Chris x


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