Friday, 30 July 2010

Stitching HD at last :)

I have not been stitching or blogging much lately :) lots of reasons but this is not a post for moaning. I am hoping to be back to normal (if that's possible) soon.

I have finally finished Chris' RR - I have needed the whole six weeks and it's not really a big design. I did the strawberry bowl, the french knots were worrying but I think they look ok :) This RR has just one more place to visit so next posting allour Robin's come home - Dusty, Chris, Lynn, Jaclyn and Tina are you as excited as me??

We're off to the caravan today for 9 days, just me, DH and Ruby until Sunday when DD and her BF join us until Friday. We then have another weekend just us before coming home next Sunday. I'm looking forward to some relaxing time and a chance to catch up on many many things.

Because I have not been stitching I am so far behind with the stitching for the church Christmas tree. I have decided to change Symmetry as I will not get enoughstitched now in time. The new name is 'The Cross Stitch Tree' and I am going to stitch crosses :) It's a very simple chart and I am going to use up lots of my tiny scraps of material, canvas, floss and wool so there will be a variety of sizes.

If you would like to stitch a cross here's the chart (you can edge and back it anyway you like).


Thanks in advances to those who I know will be sending crosses - if you need to contact me my email is

and finally - does anyone fancy joining in a non-stitchy exchange? I thought this would be fun, no stitching panics and enable new online shops :)

Sign up by posting on this thread and by emailing me the following details. I will need:

your blog address
your full name
your postal address
your contact phone number

You will need to go online to ANY stitchy shop and buy £5 worth of goodies for your partner and have the parcel sent straight to them.

All goodies must be ordered by 25th August so that all goodies are received by 1st September

Sign up closes 9am Monday 9th August - all details will be sent that day by 6pm.

I think that's all from me - hopefully I will be back to blogging after my hols AND I'll have some stitchy news :) take care everyone and have fun x x


Hazel said...

Lovely RR! Have a great break away. x

Sally said...

Chris' RR looks lovely.

Have a good break!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely RR. Hope you have a wonderful break.

jane said...

Love the RR. Enjoy your break!

Karan said...

Nice job on the RR piece - looking forward to seeing all those completed pieces. Have a great time at the caravan. :0)

Christine said...

Enjoy your break

Barb said...

Love the r/r Clare, hope you enjoy your little break with some 'me'time. Take care and safe journeys.