Wednesday 8 December 2010

Stitching update and wintery photos

I have managed to finish the backstitching on the cookies on my Sue Hillis Christmas piece. It wasn't too bad so I think I might have a go at following the chart later for the next bit- just hope the frog stays away :)

Cookie back stitch all done:)

Yesterday was Dad's 84th birthday - a day that seemed along way away earlier this year. We had a lovely chinese take-away at his and he seemed very content in his old age :)

My health is improving -slowly and I am not sure when I am going back to work. Unlike me I actually feel a bit scared about it but I know that is a side effect of the steroids (along with the panics, fast heart beats and blushing/sensative skin). I must go back next week if only for a day to prep my desk for the new term in January.

Tomorrow we have tickets to see Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds at NIA Birmingham - I have been looking forward to this for ages - nothing will stop me going; guess I'll be sleeping all Friday lol

We've had a very sharp hard frost here the last few days - these are some photos I took of our garden.

Ruby in the frost

...and these are some photos that Michael has taken for his job at Brandon Marsh

Frost at Brandon Marsh

Robin at Brandon Marsh
I have finally cooked my Christmas cake and am hoping to do some pressie wrapping this afternoon.

Ruby has decided there is only one place to be when it's cold, she was a bit surprised when I found her  hee hee.
Behind the sofa next to the warm - dog's life :)
Stay warm, have fun x x x


Julie said...

Ruby seems to be enjoying the frosty weather and there is no better place to be when you come in than next to a warm radiator, i bet she is enjoying having you at home

Sue Hillis looks great, looks a fun project to be working on

Super pics, that robin looks so puffed up

Enjoy the concert!

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous pictures of the frost. Lovely stitching. Hope you enjoy war of the worlds.

Hazel said...

Lovely finish! Nice pics of the sparkling frost too. Hope the steroids do their job soon. xx

Christine said...

The backstitch has really made those cookies "pop", they look as if you could lift them right off the fabric.
Love the frost pictures and LOL at Ruby's hiding place.

Stitchabilities said...

I do like that Sue Hillis design, Aww don't blame Ruby for finding that warm spot!!

Sally said...

Your Sue Hillis piece is looking gorgeous Clare.

I love the photos, especially the robin lol!

Awww I don't blame Ruby for finding a nice warm spot. I'd be there too!!