Sunday 6 February 2011

Wine Tasting Weekend

DH and I have just had our Christmas Present - we went to Bosworth Hall for the weekend on a Wine Tasting course.The hotel is only 10 miles from home but it meant we were there by 3.30 on Friday so had a whole evening to enjoy a carvery and plenty of time to watch the rugby (great game England - well done lads).

After a buffet breakfast Saturday we went into one of the magnificiant function rooms - the original part of the Hall dates from the late 1600's. Our bedroom was on the top floor of the orginal Hall and the function room was on the first floor - fantastic architecture everywhere.

The Wine Tasting was superb - 18 wines altogether but this was from 10am til 4pm so we weren't drunk, just heady. The host gave us so much information about how to taste - the difference in climate, countries, altitude. He told us all about storing wine, the containers making a difference to wine and we also had quizes and games through out the day. Lunch was included with wines to match the food, and we did a blind tasting. A brilliant event - we are hoping to do another one, lots of options that I'm mulling over LOL

This is the outside of Bosworth Hall - our room was and attic room at the back of the main Hall, on the right just under the chimneys. The views over the countryside were fabulous.

and this is the staircase we had to go up and down - isn't it amazing - the function room was on the floor the photo was taken from, just to the right along the landing.

I managed to do quite a lot on Elliot - whilst the rugby was on esepcially :) He's coming along really well and I should get it finished in time.

And finally my Cross Stitch class at school have been doing really well - quite a few have completed their letter and put it on a small note book. This is the link to the photo album I have set up for them. They are now all doing individual designs -some from books or magazines but two of the girls are doing my bookmark design.
it's still available to order with profits going to charity
 £2.50 chart £3.50 kit plus postage
Happy Stitching - thanks for sharing my news :)


SheilasEmbroidery said...

Sounds like a great weekend in a beautiful setting

jane said...

sounds like a great way to spend the weekend Clare, I'm sure DH and I would enjoy it, will have to keep it in mind.

Christine said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend, the hotel looks beautiful too.

Julie said...

Bosworth is a great place, sounds like a perfect weekend for you both.

Elliott looks great