Friday 1 April 2011

One month later

I can't believe it's a month since I updated my blog - I must have been busy LOL so here's what's been going on:

Saturday 19th March was the 1st Meet Up for Needlecraft Haven - it was a fab day, lot sof chatting and stitching. A few games which I think everyone enjoyed, and a pub meal to finish :) Here's a few piccies (thanks Rachael and Chris) 

Julie gave me a gorgeous gift at the Meet Up - one of her bunnies called Mrs Ticklestick - she now helps me keep Needlecraft Haven sorted.

Mrs Tickstick
Last weekend DH and I went to open up the caravan for the season - after sorting out a burst pipe and capturing a runaway Ruby we had quite a good weekend. We had a lovely walk up the estuary on Saturday.

Ruby and I on the estuary walk
Stitching wise I have finished Jaclyn's RR - I did the Cardinal bird. I am posting it off to Dusty tomorrow.

Jaclyn's RR

I have just finished Mum's Prairie Schooler piece in time for Mother's Day tomorrow - I just have to frame it now and it's finished. I have the Q to do next for her birthday in May.

S from Prairie Schooler Alphabet
And finally here is my Tusal jar - it's certainly filling up this year
Tusal Jar April 2011
I will try not to leave it another month before blogging again - thanks for catching up with all my news :) 


  1. Lovely pictures Clare! Love your mum's gift. x

  2. Good to hear your update.

    Diann & I are off to a cross stitch show near Toronto tomorrow.


  3. You've had a busy month Clare, I'm not surprised you haven't had time to blog!

  4. ROFLOL at Mrs. Ticklestick posing with your ORT jar!

  5. Lots of lovely stitchy progess, mums gift is lovely.

    So pleased you like Mrs T

    I loved the meet-up, roll on October


  6. Your PS for your Mum is lovely as is the RR you've stitched on.

    Mrs Ticklestick is so cute!

  7. It's great to see your stitchy bug taking hold - lots of lovely pieces again. I do love the PS piece for your Mum though. Wanda is waving to her new DSis. :0)

  8. Look like you folks had a lovely meet-up!

    Lovely RR! Congrats on your PS finish.

  9. It must be so much fun to get together with other stitchers. The cardinal you stitched is beautiful.


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