Saturday, 21 May 2011

Q, Cake Bake and Hardanger

I have been workingon Mum's Q and I think it will be finished on time, although I'm running out of 3799 and will have to pop to town Monday whichmeans paying 85p !!!!!!!! for a skein. I might just place an order on Sew and So for a few more bits instead but then I'd spend more than 85p LOL

Q - Praire Schooler
Yesterday was the MS Society national cake bake and I made a few goodies for staff at school. It was 50p a cake and I raised £65. Here's a list of goodies I took in:
Sponge Cake
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Tea Loaf
Rocky Road
Mince Pies
Gingerbread People
Rasin Cookies
Cornish Fairings
Marmite Bread

I also had these cakes donated by colleagues:
Carrot Cake
Apple Cake

Last year the event raised £250,000 nationally and hopefully our £65 will help to reach this again. Thanks to everyone who helped; I take no responsibility for decreased funds or increased waistlines :)

Today I am demonstrating hardanger at Higham Church at their craft day. This is to help raise funds for their toilet block (they have to use the pub at the moment LOL) I am selling my bookmarks which are on my charity blog and giving the profits to their funds. My bookmarks are on sale at Aimetu's Stitchery and any profit goes to MS SOciety and St Cadfan's Church - if youare interested inone please emailme There is also a cross stitch bookmark for sale.

Needlecraft Haven is growing strong. April's sweetie competition was won by Barbara. I decided to pick three winners for the posting competition and the winners were Sally, Ann and Angi. Well done ladies - here are Barbara's  and Sally's prizes (these are Babara's and Sally's pictures, I don't have any pictures of the others)  

Barbara's Prize
Sally's Prize
I had better go and get ready for my Hardanger Day - thanks for popping by x x


  1. Your Q is looking good, I wouldn't want to pay 85p for a skein of thread either!
    Well done on your baking marathon, glad you raised lots

  2. Your work is looking very nice indeed and well done on the cake bake.

    Hugs Chris x

  3. Lovely progress on Q. I begrudge paying 75 p a skein so can imagine how you feel at having to pay 85 p!

    Well done with the cake baking.

    There's a piccie of my win from your giveaway on NH on my blog if you want to use it :) I love my chart and threads. Thank you so much :)

  4. Oh thanks Sally - I have added it in :)

  5. Well done with the cake bake.

    Q looks great, hope the hardanger day went well

  6. Q is looking great.
    Fab result with the cake bake you must have been really pleased.
    Hope your teaching went well.

  7. Enjoyed catching up with all your news & seeing your finishes & WIP's again. Your garden looks beautiful too Clare - well worth all the hard work you've put in. :0)

  8. Lovely progress on the quilt piece, the colours are very nice.
    Well done on the cake bake, sounds like there were lots of yummy choices.


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