Friday 6 July 2012

It's safe !!

A few people have said they are getting a Malware report linked to my blog - I have no idea why or how as we have full security on all our laptop/ipad equipment and I have run various online chaecks - all reply that the site is clean.

DH and I have been doing a bit of research and it looks as though Chrome, Firefox and Safari think that some photos or weblinks are corrupt simply because their script in different to Internet Explorer.

I'm really sorry if you are getting these messages - I have no idea how to stop them. I can't think of anything else to scan/check,especially as it all comes back 'clean'


Now to my news :)

The garden is blooming nicely in the few outbursts of sun we're getting. Here is a photo I caught the other day as my first Day Lily came out.

Our Garden
The water feature is new - we saw it at a garden centre on the way home from the caravan and straight away I though tof Dad. He would tie wood up with rope like that, was a huge gardener and the barrels looked perfect. It's nice to have something for him here :)

I have been working hard on the wedding gift - I must order the frame tomorrow and I have to have it all completed by 20th July - it is growing quite quickly and with the tennis and F1 on Sunday I should get quite a bit done.
Wedding Gift
My last bit of news is a shake of the head moment - Ruby decided that she had played with her ball long enough (a couple of months whichis good for her) and it was time for the kill. Here's what's left of it:
Half a ball
And here's the little monkey feeling a little tired after her activity - remants spread everywhere.

Didn't I do a good job Mum ?
Have a good weekend everyone, hope it's not too wet where you are. Thanks for popping by.


  1. Yes i am too. I click on proceed anyway as I was told it was safe to do that. Now it is doing it on my blogger homepage just because you have posted on there!! Stupid thing. Perhaps get onto blogger about it.

  2. Super water feature, I like that.
    Oh dear, Ruby does look sorry she made a mess fir mumto clean up lol

  3. Great water feature and lovely stitching, hope you get finished in time.

  4. Dear Clare,
    Yes I too had a message about malware but my hubby who is a computer whiz, checked all through my laptop and yes all is well, what a pesk for you... but visiting your blog I read back about your Dad, how sad for you I am so sorry. Your life was so intertwined with his.. hope that you will gradually come to accept his passing. My love and every blessing for you and your family.
    Chris xx

  5. I've been getting the same too and also because I had links to yours people were getting it when trying to get onto my blog. It's ridiculous! I can access yours if I use Internet Explorer.

  6. I get it all the time and I use Chrome but IE is fine so it looks like you research is right.

  7. Glad to hear your site is safe. I got the same message.

    Love your garden and stitching. Also love your dog!!


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