Sunday, 30 September 2012

Autumn Exchange gifts

The main thing since my last blog is Philly has moved to University - she now lives in Pontypridd in south Wales and is having a wonderful time. The four of us went out for a meal at TGI Fridays the night before she left and Nick and I stayed at a lovely Best Western Hotel the weekend we took her - it made it a good weekend for everyone.

Me and Philly
Philly,Michael & Nick
'Moving In' cake for Philly's Uni

This is the view from her room - she's very lucky as many of the other rooms look onto other flats or a wood. It is very steep - she is on the first floor but is above the flat block in the photo.

Philly's View
This weekend was Needlecraft Haven's Autumn Exchange opening day and I received a beautiful project folder from Mary - it's a french design too which is just perfect. I am using it already :)

My project folder from Mary
The inside
and this is the biscornu I stitched for Barb, I was really pleased with how it stitched up and finished.

Autumn Biscornu
We've just had a weekend at the caravan but it was very windy this morning - quite nice to come home to the calmer weather. Next weekend Nick and are going to see the Hairy Bikers Live - I'm really looking forward to it, and we are going to Cafe Rouge before for dinner, my favourite restaurant.

Finally I have stitched the ornaments for the church tree this Christmas - my tree is called Family Tree and here's my ornaments so far.


Thank you for sharing in my latest news - hopefully next time the ornaments will be finished.


DUSTY said...

your ornies look great, love the pics of you Nick and Philly. She is a beautiful young lady and looks like her mom. hee hee

DUSTY said...

BTW, love the cake

Christine said...

Glad Philly has settled in well. Eloise is having a whale of a time too.
Both exchange gifts are lovely.
Enjoy seeing the Hairy Bikers

Hazel said...

Lovely post Clare. Glad Philly has settled in well. Ornies are going to look great. x

Julie said...

Stunning view Philly has, lucky girl.
What a beautiful exch gift you received from Mary, love the biscornu you sent too. Mines not arrived here yet :-(

Sally said...

I hope Philly has a great time at uni. What a fantastic view she has.

Lovely exchange pieces and I love your ornaments.

Shari said...

I found your blog via the Lizzie Kate blog.....your comment about the monthly ornaments!! I can't wait for that!
Your stitching looks great & oh my!! That autumn project folder is awesome!

Carol said...

Hello, Clare! Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog--I'm happy to have found yours as well. What a lovely view your daughter has--it would be hard to study with that to gaze at all day :)

Love your biscornu for Barb and the pretty autumn folder from Mary--just beautiful!!

Parsley said...

I adore your project folder! I wish I had the finishing skills you've shown us.