Sunday 4 November 2012

November and The Parlour

November has certainly brought dark cold nights but it is nice to be cosy inside stitching. That's what I tried to do on Wednesday in The Parlour with Barb and the girls from Needlecraft Haven. Unfortunately it was so warm and cosy I fell asleep :( I have since made progress with my 'A Place We Call Home'

A Place We Call Home
I have definitely been stitching more this year, my orts jar is very full so it is a blessing we are in November and there is just two months to go - they will be busy too as I have quite a few gifts and exchanges to get stitched.

Orts Jar 31st October
I have changed the mantle now as Halloween has passed and a new month has started. This time I have no real theme but things associated with our life at the moment.

November Mantle
 Partylite Shed with the Old Gardener
Partylite Station
Exchange gifts from Moll
The shed was a gift I gave Dad when I started doing the candles. He never lit it but it was on his mantle by his chair; the old gardener was an ornament from my Grandmothers house and both these are relevant because we are working hard on Dad's garden. The turf is arriving Friday and once that is laid we can work on the inside of the house over the winter.

The station is one of my favourite pieces; it fits with our walk last weekend with our friends (all the details are on my other blog Aimetu's) and Philly is train travelling to and from Uni both to home and to get to her volleyball games in Treforest.

The stitching pieces are a gorgeous needlecase and small pocket made for me by Moll. This was for an exchange a few years ago and for a while I kept these at the caravan but now they live in my stitching bowl.

Thank you for passing by to read my stitching and family news - you can read about our latest trip out on Aimetu's.


  1. Your shelf display is lovely. Great exchange pieces. Your stitching is progressing well.

  2. A place we call home is looking good.
    Lovely mantelpiece display, the exchange pieces are gorgeous

  3. Good start on the SAL.
    This time of year is always busy, you must have needed the extra ZZZ's when you fell asleep.
    Beautiful little gifts Moll made for you.

  4. A lovely start on your SAL. I must pop my progress photo up as I haven't done for a bit. I have been stitching on it though :)

    Your mantle looks lovely.


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