Saturday 1 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

1st December - Christmas is coming. I am not sure how I feel about it really. Next week is Dad's birthday and Christmas itself is presenting a variety of feelings. I think it will be 'as it happens' 'one day at a time' for me. Huge hugs for friends who are also finding this time of year a bag of mixed feelings.

There is not a lot of stitching news as I have been stitching exchanges and gifts. I have posted the Ornament Exchange and Winter Exchange for Needlecraft Haven. The Ornament Opening Day is today I think but I am not opening my parcel until this evening. The Winter Opening Day is 31st December so when my parcel arrives I will have to keep it safe for a while.

I have also taken part in Stitched With Love Exchanges Christmas Exchange. It's the first time I have taken part and I did have a little panic moment but I have been reassured all is ok :) I will share the photos as soon as I can. It was fun to do as as well as stitching we included 6 gifts on 4 themes chosen by our partner. I loved shopping for specific things to match. I have my gifts here but again I am opening them later today.

Here is my progress on A Place We Call Home in the NH SAL in the Parlour with the lovely Barb. I didn't stitch this week as I am busy working on a secret Christmas project.

A Place We Call Home

And finally as it's another month end here is my orts jar - it is really full this year and this time I have kept the lid on for the photo, as you can see the orts nearly reach the top.

Orts - 30th November
Thank you for reading all my stitching news - it's tree decorating time at church on Wednesday so next time I will be able to show you my Family Tree. Take care and God bless xx xx


Parsley said...

That is such a cute start. Love the colors.

Fee said...

Ah thinking of you Clare, yes Xmas is well described as a bag of mixed blessings! Your orts look lovely as does your LH piece.


Julie said...

((((Big hugs))))
The ORT jar certainly is full.
Looking forward to seeing your 'family tree' this year.

Sally said...

Thinking of you Clare. {{{{Hugs}}}} My DH lost his Dad in August so we know just how you feel.

Your CCN is looking lovely. I didn't' get much done on mine and this week I'm putting it on hold and starting a different one as Chris and I do a December SAL but will still be joining you in the parlour.