Tuesday 22 October 2013

Rainbows, a butterfly and Angels

We've had a lovely weekend in Wales at our caravan with our friends - you can read about it at Aimetu's. we did have sun but also rain and over the weekend saw 4 rainbows - I managed to catch this one on my phone although it was pouring down on me as I took it :(

Rainbow over Barmouth Bridge

We did have some sunny moments which not only confused us but the local wildlife - look at this beautiful butterfly that settled on the car basking in the sun.

Butterfly in the sun
I have been stitching the Spooky Exchange piece for Needlecraft Haven - It's posting time this weekend so I need to get it finished. I love doing exchanges but it does mean there is no sharing for a while. After I have stitched this I am going to start rotation stitching again; here's my plan so far:

Saturday - Strictly UFO with Julie and Mr Stick on Needlecraft Haven
Sunday - Strictly UFO with Julie and Mr Stick on Needlecraft Haven
Monday - exchange piece (whichever I am working on)
Tuesday - The Drawn Thread monthly (I am very behind with this)
Wednesday - Santa's Village with Miss Barb in The Parlour on Needlecraft Haven
Thursday - exchange or gift (again whichever I need to do)
Friday - finishing, kitting up, general sorting, anything I fancy or am behind on
That's my plan and hopefully I can start it sometime this week. I have done rotation stitching before and I think I do get more done - it certainly gives more variety and therefore interesting things to share.
I did not do any Strictly UFO stitching this weekend as we were with our friends but in the week I did finish the outer pink on all the border - it's growing well :)
Angel Blessings
Thanks you for calling by - I hope you enjoyed my short update :)


  1. Angels is coming along nicely,beautiful butterfly x

  2. Phones with cameras do come in handy when you see something so lovely as your rainbow and want to keep that memory (its ok though if you know how to upload them to the computer lol)

    Good luck with your rotation stitching.

  3. Lovely photos and stitching. Look forward to seeing your rotation stitching.

  4. That's coming along well. Lovely rainbow

  5. The Angels are looking lovely Clare.

    Glad you had a lovely time.


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