Tuesday 21 January 2014

Mrs Claus Cookie Shop

I've finished my first Santa Village chart - well sort of !!

I am stitching the village on a tablecloth - 18 designs altogether so some will be stitched twice. I am stitching it as a SAL in The Parlour with Miss Barb on Needlecraft Haven every Wednesday.

It's over one and I'm not stitching any white until I have done all the designs as I think this will be a very long project - I'm also not stitching the bottom border until I've done a few more as I might change it's placement.

Anyway here is Mrs Claus' Cookie Shop - my first finish

Mrs Claus' Cookie Shop
I have been busy stitching the Valentine Exchange for Needlecraft Haven which needs to be posted late next week. This time we're making a scissor fob and have to include a few goodies. I have used my stash for the fob but I may have to buy a few items for the goodies.

This year I am hoping to read a little more - I've already read a couple of books one on my Kindle and the other a book I had in the Meet Up Book Exchange from Tina.
A Family Affair - Mary Campisi
Pandora's Box - Giselle Green

I am currently reading two books - Longbourn by Jo Baker (this is the Needlecraft Haven January recommended book by Ursh) and The Gingerbread Man by Maggie Shayne (on my Kindle).
I can't read books in the car but if we're on the motorway I can read my Kindle. We went to London on Saturday so I managed quite a bit of reading until the light faded (I have an original Kindle which isn't back lit)
London was as good as ever - we love the city. It was The France Show at Earl's Court - we missed this last year as we were snowed in !! Ruby stayed at the kennels for the week end as Friday night we went to The Abbey to see Jordan Williams perform - Buble Tribute.
We went down early and had dinner before he sang - he was ok and the atmosphere was great. The Abbey are putting on more live acts with the new owner - some are not our style but maybe a few more like Mr Buble will be there.

We left quite early and arrived in London with plenty of time to enjoy a full English breakfast in a lovely café.

We didn't need any lunch !!
The France Show was great we've lots of holiday ideas - we have a special summer this year as it's our 25th Wedding Anniversary so we're planning a few trips and special moments. There was so much to see; ferry companies, tourist offices from many regions. food, wine, clothes, bags, investments and shows. We didn't stay for Jean Christophe Novelli but we did watch the Can Can girls.
Oh la la
After the show we went for a walk to the River Thames - hubby says we walked 4 miles but it was at a lovely strolling pace. There were lots of house boats on the river, all shapes and sizes - some very luxurious, some in need of a bit of love.
Hubby at Albert Bridge
Our route back to Earl's Court took us along Chelsea High Street and all the 'posh' shops including Christies. We popped into Heals for a look and found a new brand of coffee pods for our Nespresso machine and Hubby treated me to these ...
Ruby and Ed slippers
for high days and holidays
They are gorgeous and quite expensive (original price £40 although they were in the sale) They will be for high days at home and when we go away, so their first trip will be to Cardiff next month. I just love them !!
That's about it from me - I have a few more bits of decorating to do at Dad's but not much - the new tenants move in soon. I'll blog all about the house sometime in February.
Thanks for calling by, I love reading your thoughts and comments, thank you x x


  1. Love the idea of the village stitched onto a tablecloth, looking forward to watching the progress. I can't read in the car but haven't tried with my Kindle. Thanks for sharing about the France show, haven't heard about this before and might have to keep it in mind for next year. Love the slippers.

  2. Great start on the tablecloth Clare. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to London, and your new slippers are gorgeous

  3. Interesting blog post Clare,love your new slippers!
    Great progress on santos village,need to pick mine up again.
    Your weekend in London sounds fab and the Abbey is a lovely pub xx

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend, that breakfast looks yummy.
    Your tablecloth will look super when completed.
    Nice cosy looking slippers.

  5. Glad you had a lovely weekend. Lovely stitching.


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