Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Gift and a Giveaway

March has so far been an odd month for me - quite emotional both up and down. At the moment I have quite a few friends whose other halves are suffering, my very good friend Dusty being one.

Please say a prayer for those who are unwell and for those who are caring for them with worried hearts.

On a positive note I was the very lucky winner of Marsha's giveaway for John Foster. My parcel was here when we arrived home form a weekend at our caravan (more later) and it's gorgeous.

Giveaway from Marsha
Marsha included the chart - which looks amazing - all the beautiful hand dyed threads, Fabric Flair HD brown 32ct fabric and a beautiful hand made card with a stunning magnetic needlekeeper - thank you so much Marsha

I am going to have to review my rotation as I need to add in a few projects and maybe change my days around - although I will not be missing Barb's Wednesdays in the Parlour at Needlecraft Haven.

Last week in the Parlour I stitched Santa and some of his tree - it takes me ages as it is over one but it's growing slowly

Santa's House
My other stitching has been for the monthly challenge which is a gorgeous snowman design but for some reason I have struggled with it. It is finally stitched and I'm hoping to finish it later this week.

It's all busy with posting too as the Welcome RR is changing stitchers so I should soon have Lynn's to work on and it's Spring exchange posting. My parcel has been sent and I have received so I need to keep it safe until 30th March which is opening day.

As yesterday was St Patrick's Day my cooking skills were tested again. Hubby does not like stew so we had:

mussels in bacon and cider
potato cakes
Irish soda bread
mini Guinness cakes
black velvet cocktails

mussels and potato cakes

mini Guinness cakes

black velvet cocktail
We had a lovely weekend at the caravan - it did need quite a bit of cleaning as the sand had blown in due to the severe storms we'd had. Everywhere had a light layer of grit and all the mirrors/windows had a salty coating. It doesn't take long and it was a sunny day which helps. Afterwards we took Ruby along the beach to look at the ancient peat beds that the storms had uncovered - they are amazing.

Ruby loved the pools
I'm hoping to have a few more stitching photos next blog but it's hard when many of my items are gifts or exchange pieces. It's the spring meet up for Needlecraft Haven on Saturday which is always a great day.

The end of March is my Blogiversary and to mark my 8 years of blogging I'm having a little giveaway - the prize will be an assortment of stitching goodies from my stash as I am trying hard to stick to Stitch From Stash budget and I do need to decrease my stash pile.

Please add 'Me please' to your comment if you would like to be included in my giveaway.

Thanks for visiting - see you again soon :)


  1. Looks like you had nice weather for your weekend, Ruby seems to be enjoying herself.
    A wonderful prize, you definitely need to make time for that in your rotation each week.
    {{big hug}}, there seems to be a lot of illness around at the moment for everyone. We're doing well here this week!
    See you Saturday.


  2. Marsha's goodies are lovely. I'm sure you'll have fun with these! Your St Patrick's meal looks really yummy & sound like you had a great time away too :) Big hug to cheer you up & thinking of you.
    "Me please" for your giveaway too :)

  3. Great pics !! Looks like you had a great time !!

  4. Hello Clare,

    Best wishes prayers and love to your friends, I hope things improve for them. Your husband will not leave you!!! Look at that lovely meal prepared by you. Thanks for sharing your photo's of your part of the world. Dare I say "me please" with thanks.

    Happy stitching.

  5. What a nice prize you got from Marsha! Your Santa looks so cute! It looks like your dog had a great time exploring. I'm so impressed with your St. Patrick's Day cooking and the Guinness cakes look so fancy!


  6. What a wonderful prize Clare. Looks like you had a lovely sunny weekend too.
    I struggled with all the little branches on the snowman design. In the end I just decided to ignore the chart and do them kind of freehand, it went much better after that.
    Me please for the giveaway ;D

  7. Amazing photos of the beach! Glad there wasn't too much clearing up at your caravan to do.

    The cakes look yummy but i would have to pass on the mussels, no way i could eat them (shudder), lol.

  8. Me please Clare, have a wonderful day tomorrow , thoughts and prayers for all those that need them. What a lovely prize to win and I will look forward to seeing that one being stitched. I hope to get mine done this weekend ,the challenge piece I mean, lots of progress over one on Santa.
    Great pics of the walk on the seashore. Oh is that a piece of driftwood , imagination running riot what I could do with that.

  9. Nice to see where my cockle shells came from,those Guiness cakes look yummy

    Me please for the give away

  10. Lovely St. Patrick´s Day meal and interesting beach photos. Me please for your giveaway.


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