Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Two gifts

I can final share a couple of gifts I recently stitched. The first was for Marsha as a small thank you for John Foster.

I used a free online chart and all items were in my stash so still no spend on Stitch from Stash !!

Thank You gift for Marsha
My other gift was for a friend who I see regularly for coffee - last time she said 'you know you forgot my birthday' - I was mortified but as it wasn't in my diary I couldn't really be accused of forgetting, just not knowing.

To  make amends I quickly stitched this scissor keep - another freebie from The Drawn Thread and yes all the items were from my stash. The design was just perfect :)

Birthday gift for Gill
So far this month I have done very little stitching as my time has been organising and then blogging about our weekend in Oxford - you can read all about it in my other blog Aimetu's

Unfortunately my MS symptoms have reappeared. I did hope the double visit to my chiropractor would be the answer and although they really helped the numbness has not improved so Monday I started a short strong course of steroids. I really dislike taking them as they confuse my head, disrupt my sleep and general make me feel unwell; however they do work on my arms and legs. Hopefully by Easter I will be back to being me.

I picked this bunch up from our local Coop on Monday - reduced to £2.50 - what a bargain. They will last at least until the weekend if not longer as the lilies have plenty of buds still.

Just a short blog from me - thanks for reading my news :)


  1. Beautiful gifts Clare,bargain flowers.
    Hugs xx

  2. Super little thank you gift and a nice scissor fob.
    Stunning flowers, a bargain!]
    Hope you are soon feeling much better. xxxxx

  3. Great stitched gifts Clare and the flowers are lovely. Hope you are feeling better soon

  4. Lovely gift stitching Clare, and the flowers are beautiful :-)

    I had to look twice at the price you paid, i read it as £250 lol, it must be my computer screen I couldn't see the dot after the 2 !

    Hope you feel better soon xx

  5. Beautiful gifts you stitched :) I bet your friends were over the moon :)
    Wonderful flowers! Glorious colors..
    Have a lovely day, smiles to you :)

  6. Sweet finishes, perfect gifts for your friends :)

  7. Lovely stitching for your friends. x

  8. Hello Clare,

    Your friends received such lovely gifts from you. I do hope the MS behaves itself for a while. Love those flowers, they will last quite a while I think.

    Happy days.

  9. I'm sure both recipients were thrilled with your gifts to them, Clare! That little fob is especially adorable in blue and yellow.

    I'm sorry to hear about the MS symptoms coming back--hope the steroids do the trick and you'll be feeling much better very soon!

  10. Gorgeous gifts I'm sure the recipients will treasure.
    Bargain flowers, they are beautiful.
    Hope you feel better soon.


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