Thursday, 1 May 2014

May Day

May Day is the traditional end of winter and start of summer - Traditional English May Day celebrations include Morris dancing, crowning a May Queen and dancing around a Maypole.
Another special day so yes I'm making a May Day dinner - there is very little about a May Day menu other than milk based puddings were often made. Here's my May Day menu:
boiled ham
mashed potatoes
homemade chutney
green salad
elderflower cocktail
Spring flowers feature in May Day celebrations too, usually as a garland worn by the May Queen.
Now it's a new month I can reveal my Monthly Christmas Challenge on Needlecraft Haven. This month Christine chose a lovely design from Maurismom and is a beautiful tree design using buttons - I added a red button to the top to link in with my felt backing.
April Monthly Challenge
 I am working away on September from The Drawn Thread - I have put May out but as yet have not decided what else to put on the mantle for this month. I need to make up June, July and August too so they are ready.
May - The Drawn Thread
Earlier this year Bev won my Blogoversary giveaway - Bev lives the other side of the world to me and her parcel took ages to travel - I think it was doing a bit of backpack touring on the way. It has now safely arrived - here's the goodie parcel I sent (all from my stash to keep my on my zero spend)
Bev's Giveaway Goodies
Our garden is slowly coming into bloom and my orchids inside are all in flower - I love these plants and they seem to be quite happy in our conservatory as they are nearly always in bloom and one has even had a 'baby'

The photos are a little blurry as I used my iphone - I gave up using my small camera because my hands are not stable due to my MS and I always end up with camera shake. However last Saturday Hubby and I had a trip to Leicester and he treated me to a new small camera which I tried in the shop with no shake :) we're going to our caravan this weekend and my camera will be coming too for it's 'trail' run.

We had great fun in Leicester, going by train was a change which meant we could enjoy a lovely glass of bubbly in The Case Champagne Bar, and scones with cream in Patisserie Valerie.
Champagne at The Case

In Patisserie Valerie
I just love this poster on their wall -
 a pair of garters with every bottle !!
As I said we're off to Wales - Hubby has a new car so it will be good to take it on a run. We have decided we don't want Ruby harnessed on the back seat of the new car (she has worked out how to step out of it and even with a full cover the seat is left so hairy). So we've bought a new 'kennel' for in the boot - she cannot be free as she climbs over. The photo was taken with the side windows down but they roll up so she can see through the mesh, the front rolls down and she is zipped in. We've taken her on a short run and she seems quite happy, I just need to get some cording to use as anchor ties - maybe there is some in my stash haha.

It's quite nice Mum, thank you
Easter Saturday was our lastest wine tasting for the Scout 100 Challenge - all the fun is in my other blog Aimetu's - pop along to have a read.

This month's stitching includes: May Monthly Challenge (another great design), Lynn's RR, September The Drawn Thread, Santa's House, Summer Exchange and Meet Up Exchange on Needlecraft Haven and a small surprise - looks like a busy month.

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  1. Joanne bought me an Orchid for Mother's day and I bought a pink one last week that had been reduced in Waitrose, I have never had much luck with them but perhaps this time I will.
    Love the two finishes, I printed the little tree off thinking it was a nice quick stitch, It's still waiting to be stitched!
    I will catch up one day, lol

  2. Your little ornament finish is so cute!! And, of course, I love the DT May piece--really lovely on that blue/gray fabric.

    Glad to hear the new camera is working out for you--I'm sure it will come in very handy on that trip to Wales--enjoy!!

  3. Your ornament is darling!! I love orchids, too - right now one has 16 flowers blooming. It's so pretty.

  4. Your orchids look a bit healthier than mine!
    Ruby looks quite at home I her new travel bed.
    The DT is lovely for May and you did a super job on the April challenge.
    Have a lovely weekend. x

  5. Lovely stitching and finish as always, Clare. Love your orchids also. They are one of the few flowers that I can keep alive! Bev received a lovely gift in your giveaway.

  6. Hello Clare.

    Thanks so much for the parcel of goodness. It was worth waiting for. Hope you had a great time travelling. The orchids are just so pretty and the flowers last so long, a great plant to have.

    Happy days.


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