Wednesday 26 November 2014

Finally ....... (and Stitch from Stash November)

..... I have finished the October Christmas Ornament Challenge on Needlecraft Haven - I am so behind with this, I haven't even started November's yet. I seem to have fired off at great guns at the start of the year but slowed down to an almost stop at the end of the year. I do hope 2015 spurts me on again.

Anyway Christine chose Little House Needleworks freebie Seven Pines - you can find it here

October Challenge
I have also finished another Christmas ornament but I cannot share that with you just yet as it's for the Needlecraft Haven Ornament Exchange.

Do you remember my travel sewing box I made out of an old watch box? Well inspired by Julie at the latest meet up I have added an item and I think now finished my box - and I love it :)

Here is the box all packed with scissors, threads, measure tape and my new orts pin cushion. I have covered the inner lid of the box too.

Travel sewing box

I used an old jam jar from Saints and used it to make a pin cushion orts jar - somewhere to stick my needle and pins and collect my orts when on holiday.

My pin cushion orts jar
With the lid off
 I'm quite pleased with my evening's finishing work - hopefully a little of stitching tomorrow.

I have just realised it's nearly the end of the month so I best add my Stitch from Stash report. I have loved doing this, it's amazing what you find when you look. I have had a bit of a spend this month though.

  • LHN - Christmas Exchange
  • Tudor Rose - Craftville freebie - gift
  • Monthly Challenge October - LHN Seven Pines
  • 28ct ecru
  • 28ct white
  • 28ct light green
  • DMC as chart requires
  • Christmas backing fabric
  • Sewing fabric
  • Red & green cording
  • Stuffing
Additions to Stash
  • plastic coaster for gift
  • magnifier
  • small stitching frame
  • John James easy threading needles
  • Anchor kit - Valentines
  • Bag of stuffing 
  • 4 rolls of cording
Total spend £39.81

Thank you for reading my news and for leaving your lovely comments.


  1. Hello Clare,

    I am sure you will get all the stitching done. Sweet and Petite is how I would describe your latest box creation. Just so pretty.

    Happy days.

  2. Lovely ornament finish Clare, and the box is fabulous. I just love the idea of using one of those mini jam-jars to make a tiny pincushion jar. Guess I'll be pocketing the empty jars next time we have a cream tea

  3. Amazing what other folks find a use for, I'm sure you'd all seen my little pincushion before?

    You did a super job with the little jam jar (I've got a couple of those stored away for just such a little project when I get round to it. The mini needlework box is adorable and I think I recognise that covered tape measure too.....

  4. Gorgeous stitching, we all get behind with stitching plans sometimes, it is called 'life'. xx

  5. Lovely ornie and I love your watch box. Wow that is very inspiring. x

  6. Love the travelling needlework box. What a great idea

  7. Your sewing box is lovely Clare. What a wonderful idea.


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