Thursday, 5 March 2015

Catch Up

I've been so busy stitching gifts that I had fallen behind with Needlecraft Haven's Monthly Christmas Challenge. NH member Christine chooses a freebie online design for us each month which we stitch and finish but keep secret. All photos are sent to Christine who opens a Gallery at the end of each month. Because I'm late I can reveal mine, although I have sent Christine the photos for the galleries too.
Challenge 1 from Gazette 94
Challenge 2 from Luli
And being as it's only 5th of March I may get this month's challenge stitched in time.

I have also finished a little freebie kit I was given - my memory is not good but I think it was in one of the goody bags at a Needlecraft Haven Meet Up - and I think the goody bag was from Angi.

It's a lovely design by Rainbow Gallery called Victorian Posy Blackwork. I used the 14ct ecru that was in the kit and DMC 122 which is a lovely variegated green. Although the chart said one strand because I used a colour instead of black I used two - I'm really pleased with it.

Victorian Posy by Rainbow Gallery
I've been working on my November The Drawn Thread and Santa's Village but more on those next time. I have been baking again - I made a batch of Welsh Cakes. It was so easy with my new mixer, so much so I'm going to try scones next :)

Welsh Cakes
Thanks for calling by, and for the lovely comments that have been left on my posts :)


  1. Your challenge ornaments are lovely!

  2. beautiful work

  3. Great stitching Clare. Getting your finishes into the galleries is next on my to do list :)

  4. These challenge pieces are all very beautiful. and certainly a fun stitch, too.

  5. Great stitching, the challenge ornaments look lovely!

  6. Those Welsh cakes (my Dad called them "Pica Currents" (pee'ka coo'rents) are my absolute favorite cookies in the whole world!!! I could hardly believe it when I saw the picture of them on your blog today. My grandpa lived in Wales for awhile & I suppose that's how we got the recipe . . . I love it that our recipe says "a handful of lard".

  7. Beautiful ornaments and a welsh cake with a cup of tea would go down well at the moment :)

  8. Two lovely challenge finishes, I need to make a start on this months.

  9. Two lovely challenge finishes, I need to make a start on this months.

  10. Your challenge pieces are both great. I have stitched the Bonne Annee myself a few years back and now I really want to sttich that stag!

  11. Your stitching is lovely as usual Clare !! The cakes look delicious !!

  12. Ooooh i love welsh cakes :-) Trouble is If I made them I would eat them all, lol I used the recipe you posted on NH last time and they were lovely, even Mark liked them and he is not a cake lover.

    Lovely ornaments :-)


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