Friday 15 May 2015

May Gifted Gorgeousness and Cake Bake

It's time to post Gifted Gorgeousness, a great SAL organised by the lovely Jo. GG is a chance to stitch anything that's for a gift or that we've received as a gift.

This month I have stitched the Victoria Sampler 'Friend's Count' bookmark for a friend who has a significant birthday early in May. I changed the text to her birthday. I was very pleased with it.

Birthday Bookmark
I have added a little more to Earth's Sampler and to my other gift piece but as that's a secret I can't share just yet. Here's my Primitive Needle progress.

Earth's Sampler
That's all my stitching for now - I haven't done much lately as I have been beading and baking. Here's a few more scissor fobs I've made - they are all gifts. 

Scissor fob gifts 
My baking is also 'gifted' as it has been for my Multiple Sclerosis Cake Bake - I posted about it last Saturday and the actual Cake Bake was yesterday. I have made 10 large cakes for orders so far - two more went out today, and I have 5 more to bake next week. 

I'm also offering LHN Baked Goods as a prize in an online raffle - thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far - the draw is 31st May. 

Chart prize for my online raffle
 Yesterday our house was buzzing with friends calling round for coffee and cake - such a lovely atmosphere and so nice to see everyone. I had made a Schokogugelhopf as the prize for a blackout game and had a small raffle too. I had baked quite a few cakes and my friend brought along some homemade flapjacks. 

Cake Bake Balloons
Gingerbread Ladies and Gentlemen
Raffle prizes
Schokogugelhopf for the blackout winner
A table full of cakes to enjoy 
  A HUGE thank you to all my friends who have ordered cakes and/or who came yesterday - the total raised so far is an AMAZING



  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The bookmark is lovely, lots of nice little details in it.
    The gifted cakes are definitely included in the SAL, if only we had smell-o-blogs when we could really appreciate them!

  2. Everything looks lovely and tasty. Congrats for all those beautiful cakes. Great GG may. Hugs

  3. What a great success! Good for you Clare.

  4. Well done on raising so much money! Those cakes look delicious.

  5. Great stitching Clare and your cakes look amazing

  6. Great stitching- and what mouth watering cakes!

  7. Lovely stitching - and also baking. Those gingerbread people look delicious, and the cake is awesome.

  8. The bookmark for your friend is lovely Clare.

    Your Earth Sampler is coming along really well.

    Congratulations on your cake bake. You did so well with the amount you've raised.

  9. Mary's comment:
    Lovely stitching as always, Clare. Glad the baking/fund raising has been going well.

  10. Who won the gugglethingy? Whats Nicks favourite cake lol.
    Had a wonderful time. xxx

  11. Oh great, so much money raised. Congratulations. This table full of cakes is a dream.
    I am completely fond of stitched bookmarks and I'm sure your friend loved the one you made for her.

  12. Clare, such a lovely post, wonderful cakes and for such a good cause.

  13. Beautiful stitching and such amazing cakes too! Well done on the money raised for such a worthy cause too!


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