Monday 1 February 2016

Welcome to February ...

.... so here is January :)

Round in Circles SAL - January 
This is the beautiful design from Mabel Figworthy's Round in Circles SAL. I really enjoyed stitching it although as yet I am not sure about finishing it, or the following ones. February is out today, I have a few other bits of stitching to do but I can't wait ti start it.

January's other stitching is still secret as yet; my Needlecraft Haven monthly challenge piece is stitched but not finished and I'm not sure what I'm doing with it - I know what I want to do but can't find quite what I am looking for :(

I'm busy finishing a biscornu for our Meet Up exchange, again with the ladies from Needlecraft Haven, I have a gift to share later this month for Gifted Gorgeousness and I have yet to start the lovely January piece from The Snowflower Diaries Joyful World SAL.

I have however been busy crafting with Hubby - well sort of - we've been doing a 4D jigsaw of London. It's been great fun. The first layer was a jigsaw depicting London in 1666.

London 1666
 It was a little harder doing the next layer - the river stayed the same but this layer was foam pieces and showed London in 2012. The big black bits are where the buildings fit on the next stage. It is quite detailed with lots of buildings detailed.

London 2012
 And finally we added the buildings in time order (hence 4D) - it was very interesting to see which building was built when and how quickly some areas were developed. The Globe Theatre  (Shakespeare's theatre in London)was quite funny as we had to put it in 1599, take it out when it was destroyed in the Great Fire of London 1666 and put it back in when it was rebuilt in 1997

London with all it's buildings
It's hard to see from overhead as the light bounces off the puzzle, so I took a photo looking up river from the O2 Arena towards Westminster. 

Buildings looking up the Thames 
I have now completed  Route 3 of Clare's Challenge 50 - for those who don't know I am walking the route of the London Marathon in stages - you can read about our adventures on my blog Clare's Challenge 50. 

We have found out so much about London on the way  - this jigsaw covers most of our route and it was interesting to see the latest section in 1666, then 2012 both on the jigsaw and then in person when walking.
We would be walking through fields in 1666
We walked up Evelyn Street and then Lower Street
(straight up the dark road) 
I have not done any stitching this weekend either as we've been in Cardiff with our daughter - we visited Cardiff Bay marina, what a lovely area. Thee are a few photos in my wine/travel blog Aimetu's, the marina and our lovely meal out.

Wishing you all a great start to February, happy stitching x x


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  2. The London jigsaw is so clever. Round in circles is lovely and I hope you find what you are looking for (sounds like a U2 song!) for the NH piece

  3. Hello Clare, no idea what was going on with blogger yesterday, my blog feed wasn't updating, it was still showing your post before this one, as was mine on other blogs!

    Anyway it seems to have fixed itself :-)

    The jigsaw is very unusual and interesting too.

    Congrats on your first hardanger finish :-)

  4. What a fantastic puzzle, such detail and so interesting about the history.
    Your SAL looks nice.

  5. Your January piece is so dainty and pretty! And congrats on your progress on the 4D puzzle... what a challenge! Whew!

  6. Oh wow. That puzzle is mind blowing. How very intricate.

  7. So nice to see this first Hardanger piece finished. I love the colors you used.
    I have never seen a 3D puzzle before. It looks very interesting to do, particularly this one.

  8. The hardanger is lovely. This is going to be a nice series to follow.

    The jigsaw is awesome! How clever to make it change through the years.

  9. The hardanger is lovely. You are busy with all the different stitching projects you have lined up/currently stitching.
    I hadn't seen a 4d puzzle completed before.


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