Sunday 8 May 2016

May catch up

My needle is still slow - I have many things I wish to do but it's true my needle is slow ... well my hand really.

MS affects people different was and for me it's mainly fatigue although the last 18months my legs have been getting worse. The surface of my palms has been numb for a number of years but I'm noticing my right hand is aching and does not seem to want to move as freely - hence the slowness in stitching

I can still do loads of stuff and I have just three parts of my Challenge walk left - Clare's Challenge 50  Yesterday I jet washed the patio which may seem odd that I can do that but honestly I just stood still and waved a stick up and down slowly across each slab, easier than walking but much much more messy !!

Anyway enough about me and more about my little bit of stitching - I've changed the mantle for May, it's a baking theme as I have a charity Cake Bake for MS on 19th 🍰

Baking theme for May
I have done some stitching - I finished one of the monthly challenges on Needlecraft Haven but I have yet to make it up.

I am working on a birthday gift so can't show much. Unfortunately Mr Frog arrived - partly my fault as I decided to stitch the pattern on the back instead of leaving it plain but I has completed quite a bit before I realised I hadn't reversed it 😞

The new piece stitched the
right way round 
Hopefully I will get more done, especially finish the birthday gift.

Apologies for being behind with blog reading - I do like to read everyone's news and hopefully will be visiting soon.


  1. Lovely stitching on your mantle. What is the name of the design and designer of the four cup cakes?

  2. Sorry to hear you've been moving a bit slowly and not enjoying your stitching as much as you'd like. I hope you feel better soon - and LOVE your mantle pieces.

  3. What a beautiful mantel display! I admired the cupcake design too.
    You're doing so well with your London challenge! I had missed that you'd set up a separate blog so I haven't followed your progress until now.

  4. The stitching displayed on your mantle is lovely and so appropriate for this time of year. I am sorry your MS is affecting your stitching time and hope your fund raiser goes well.

  5. The mantle does look inviting with the lovely stitched pieces atop it.
    Hope your cake bake raises lots of £ for the charity
    {big hug} xx

  6. I'm sorry to hear your MS is acting up, Clare--you still manage to stitch so beautifully... Love the May piece and I wish you great luck at your fund raiser. Everyone loves cake--I'm sure it will be a huge success :)

  7. Such a lovely mantle display Clare!

  8. Such a nice May display on your mantle. I love all the pieces you show there. That Drawn Thread piece is gorgeous.
    So sorry to read that your MS is bothering you so much at the moment. But you made a nice start of your new stitching project.

  9. Your May mantlepiece looks lovely.
    Sorry to hear that your MS is affecting your stitching. Slow and steady will get it done though.

  10. Hello Clare,

    You May mantle display is just so lovely, the frog visited me to the other night, still some unpicking to do! Good luck with your baking for MS, hope lots of funds are raised. Best wishes.



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