Thursday, 6 October 2016

October catch up

A busy few weeks since my birthday as we had a few days away in Dieppe before taking Hubby's mum and partner to Portsmouth for the weekend.
Dieppe Castle
View from the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth
You can read more about it  with more photos on my Aimetu blog.

Last weekend we had a buffet dinner both Saturday and Sunday. Our friends at scouts celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on 1st October and had a lovely party for friends and family on Saturday. I decided to stitch a gift for them and found a lovely chart from a magazine in my stash folder. I can't say which magazine as I'd cut just the chart out. 

I already had the frame and decided on brown fabric to make the gold stand out. Using metallic thread is not my favourite stitching but it is certainly worth the effort as it makes such a difference. 

50th Wedding Gift 
Sunday was another buffet day but this was at our house. As I have now completed my Challenge to walk the route of the London Marathon we had a little celebration party - you can read about this on my Clare's Challenge 50 blog - I'm overwhelmed with the donation total, thank you 

I baked a cake for our buffet - as well as a potato pie - and iced it with the River Thames and the route. All I'll say is it's a good job roads are not straight as my free hand icing was a little wobbly !!

London Marathon Celebration Cake 
We are off to Turkey on Monday to our favourite hotel - a final week in the sun. I have my (very far behind) Joyful World to take with me and I'm hoping to get many of the month frames completed so I can start on the designs when I get home, although I will take the colours for March in case I get bored of brown!

I'm hoping whilst away to catch up on my blog reading and now that my Challenge is complete I will have more time for Aimetu's Stitching - thank you for calling by :) 


  1. What a lovely, lovely 50th gift Clare. That is one fantastic cake you made! :) Have a super time in Turkey. Wow.

  2. I love the anniversary gift Clare, the gold really pops on the dark fabric.
    Well done on completing your challenge, the cake looks wonderful.
    Have a great holiday

  3. You stitched a lovely anniversary gift, Clare and the cake looks great. Enjoy your break in Turkey.

  4. The brown fabric looks great in the gold frame
    Enjoy your hols xx

  5. The anniversary gift is a real beauty ♥

  6. What a gorgeous gift for your friends Clare! That must have been difficult too on the dark fabric.
    Well done on completing your challenge. Looks like you celebrated in style!

  7. What a gorgeous Gold design, it looks beaded at first glance. Your lazy daisies are wonderfully even too.
    The cake is fun, congratulations on completing th challenge.


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