Sunday, 6 August 2017

Two more for church

I've been doing a bit of sample stitching for something later in the year. It's turned out well, just needs a finishing touch. It 's under wraps for a while but I'll show you as soon as I can.

What I can share are my latest two for my Winter Wonderland tree for our church Christmas Tree festival. I've stitched 8 now, need at least 12 ornaments and 12 of the blue and white stitched baubles - my needle needs to get a move on.

I adapted both as to do all the snow takes so long and I'd never get them all stitched. Thete's one more in the CCN collection that Justine gave me that I'll do but then I'm going back to using the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament magazines for ideas.

I'll be taking the blue bauble stitching on holiday as it's quick and easy, the charts are online and I just need two colours and perforated paper.

We really need this holiday (2 weeks to go) as it's been a tough time for me and DH. I am now walking around the house on crutches and short distances (about 200m) outside. I don't have full movement in my left ankle yet and both feet still swell so still plenty of sofa time.

Yesterday was a BIG day as our bed moved back upstairs into the newly decorated bedroom that was finished in April! It's been used as DH's dressing room and laundry drying room. I can go up and down stairs safely on my own now and the bedrooms are upstairs in the hotels on holiday so I do need the practice.

To celebrate DH and I had a Chinese meal and opened the bottle of champagne our wine friends gave us when I was in hospital - it was a lovely evening which I certainly needed to see that life will get back to normal.

Thank you for calling by and reading my news. I'm sorry I haven't been blogging or blog reading much but although I have been home recovering I have not felt like using social media much. I feel like I've been in a black hole for most of these 17 weeks and at times it's been an effort to keep Needlecraft Haven and my wine forum going. However the last few weeks I have felt a little brighter in myself and I'm sure our french holiday will help.


  1. They're lovely Clare, so cute. Now I'm going to be really dumb here but what is the CCN collection?

  2. It must be so nice to have your conservatory back and sleep in your bedroom again! Worth celebrating, definitely.

    I really like how you're adapting those charts to make them a quicker stitch. Your tree is going to look amazing!

  3. Oh Clare! The latest two are so sweet. Wow! I like your bedroom. Good for you. I am happy you are back into your bedroom. Progress Clare. You are making progress. Good job!

  4. Those are beautiful little stitches for your church Christmas Tree festival. Sorry you've been so laid up. I'm a newer "follower" so I'll have to go back and read about what happened. I am glad you are recovering and will be able to take a holiday soon. Happy stitching! Andrea

  5. Great ornament motifs for your church's Christmas tree.
    It's good to read that you can be up now and walk around the house, even climb the stairs. And getting out of the house and being able to walk around for a bit is certainly a welcome extra. Such great progress of your recovery. Wishing you all the best for the rest :)

  6. Lovely ornaments Clare. Glad you're becoming more mobile again

  7. Those two ornies are lovely. The church tree is going to be beautiful again.
    Glad to hear that you are getting to be more mobile again and have a nice holiday to look forward to.

  8. Glad you are getting about more, I can imagine how it must be getting you down now, but these things take time although it's frustrating relying on other people.
    Take care

  9. Lovely new bedding.
    Great picture of you both.
    The church tree is going to be so lovely this year, will have to try and get over to see it in person

  10. Hard to believe it's 17 weeks since your fall Clare. That's a lovely picture of you and Nick.
    Your church tree is going to have a lovely selection of ornaments this year.

  11. OMGoodness, they are adorable! They will be lovely ornaments.
    Cute picture of you two!
    Has it really been 17 weeks?! That much closer to normal!


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