Wednesday 20 September 2017

Birthday thank you

I haven't blogged since mid August - partly because we've been in France. If you want to keep up with our travels you can read about our adventures on Aimetu's

We came home Saturday 9th in time to help a good friend celebrate her 50th birthday. Julie stitched me a lovely saying for my 50th, she kindly gave me the chart which was from a magazine  and I stiched it for my friend - she loved it, thanks Julie.

The next day, Sunday, was my birthday. Our daughter came home for the weekend, our son booked the day off work so we were able to go out for a family meal; a rare occasion these days. Our daughter's boyfriend joined us and later in the day our sons best mate called by so quite a house full.

I had a lovely day, meal out, afternoon at home with my family watching the rugby followed by an evening of monopoly. Time spent together doing simple things often make the best memories.

I had some lovely gifts, thank you to everyone. My Hubby has unfortunately always told me I cannot have my dream car - a 2CV - and if I did it would be divorce. However whilst on holiday we found my dream car and he did buy it for me .... but no divorce as he will not be riding in it, it has a different passenger !
2CV with a bottle of my favourite wine 
Lovely handmade cards from
Gill and Angi
My lovely gifts - thank you everyone
Project bag from Christine - one side
Project bag from Christine - other side
My mobility is improving and the day after my birthday my daughter drove me to my physio appointment. To be honest I was a little disappointed as I wasn't given much more advice, just do exercise a couple of times a week. Being involved in elite sport my daughter thought it very poor, even allowing for me not being in the sport world.

I now have an exercise plan (3 different sets per day; morning, lunch and evening) and after just one week there is so much improvement - I just need to perk myself up now after being in the house for 6 months. 

The next big step is to drive again - however my feet are less swollen and I did manage to get my heeled shoes on - only sitting on the bed but they were on my feet - a huge boost. One day I'll be walking in them again. 

Footwear progression over 6 months 
Whilst we were away the Holiday Exchange gallery opened at Needlecraft Haven - it is so much easier to upload photos now the forum is on tapatalk. Anyway this exchange was to choose an online free chart, print it off and send it to your partner with fabric and threads to do the project. 

Once your parcel arrived we had to stitch the project and finish it in any way we wanted. I received a lovely chart - Snowman in the Window by Homespun Collectibles with 28ct Mountain Blue fabric and the relevant DMC thread. My parcel was from Mary - thank you he's lovely.  

Snowman in the Window 
I sent to Deb and chose Coeur de Noel by Passione Ricama with 28ct evenweave fabric and DMC threads. Deb stitched it into a beautiful heart shaped ornament. 

Coeur de Noel
It's been a busy September and looks like being a busy October as I have my 'Winter Wonderland' stitching to get finished for my church tree - Christmas will soon be here !!


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

A belated happy birthday! Glad you were able to take a holiday in France. It is on my bucket list, and we are actually looking at next year...fingers crossed. I am glad your feet are recovering. It is amazing what the right exercises, when done consistently, can do. I look forward to seeing your progress on Winter Wonderland. Andrea

Christine said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday Clare. Glad to hear your feet are improving

Julie said...

Your version of the 50th chart looks great, a nice frame you found for it. Loving the 2CV, I always wanted one of them, DH just laughed and said 'no way'
Nice selection of birthday gifts, Christines little pockets are so useful aren't they.
I'm hoping the new exercise routine that DD has put together for you works wonders - your lovely scar looks just like mine, we could be bookends"
love and {hugs} xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Sounds like a lovely Birthday, mine was much quieter this year too! You got some lovely gifts and some lovely exchange ideas.
Some friends had a 2CV, we used to have to put umbrellas up inside when it rained as the cloth roof leaked!

Justine said...

Happy belated birthday! You received some lovely gifts. The project bag is perfect for you being a Francophile and I love the 2CV wine holder! I have always wanted a Fiat 500 but as hubby doesn't drive and there are 4 of us I have to have something slightly larger!
Glad to hear your feet are on the mend too and you can put your nice shoes on again.
Mary's choice of snowman was perfect for your Winter Wonderland tree and I love how Deb finished the pretty Coeur de Noel.