Monday 8 January 2018

January's off to a good start

I hope you 2018 has started well - it is certainly going to be a very different year for us as Hubby is retiring at the end of January. He's worked for Landrover for 39 years and has decided to leave work early and join me in retirement - he's 56 :-)

It is so nice that all our years of careful planning, not over stretching have paid off and we can now enjoy our time a little earlier than expected. We've plenty of plan including a few holidays and a new car :-)

I have also had a good start to 2018 - at my first Ankle Class of the year I have been promoted to just a walking stick - whoo hoo. I was using just one crutch but it was cumbersome and I was leaning to that side so physio has moved me up. I'm also progressing in class and am now able to complete more of the exercises set so here's hoping things start moving a little faster.

Stitching wise I have been working on my Sampler Bouquet - it's going in our bedroom. I'm trying to get it stitched quickly so it can be framed and put up as the walls are a little bare as yet.

The next panel completed
I have quite a few gifts to stitch in 2018, as well as birthdays (some special) there's a wedding too. The first of this year's gifts was a bookmark for my friend Gill, it's always tricky for Postie as her birthday is at the very start of January, but he made it :-)

I stitched Gill a blackwork bookmark using Weeks Dye Works whiskey, I'm so pleased with how the variegation worked out.

I have Needlecraft Haven's monthly challenge to do and another birthday is approaching fast so I best get stitching. Here's to a stitch filled 2018. 


  1. That's a great start to the year Clare! More hubby and less crutch.
    I love your Sampler Bouquet, it's so pretty. How nice to have a place in your home lined up for it too.
    Lovely bookmark too, you have been very busy!

  2. Fab the you have seen the back of the crutch and great to read you are able to do more of the exercises.
    Sampler Bouquet is looking beautiful, I remember seeing Tina's finished version at a meet up.
    Super gift for Gill, nice colour you chose.
    Happy retirement planning! xx

  3. A great start to the year, Clare. It's lovely that DH will be retiring and that you will be able to spend more time together. Maybe you'll manage a visit to us when in France?
    The variegation worked well in Gill's bookmark.

  4. How lovely to read good news in January! It's a great idea to retire if you can afford to do so when you are still young enough to enjoy it!

    Gill's bookmark is lovely, a nice present.


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