Thursday 1 March 2018

Happy St David's Day

The 1st March is St David's Day - the parton saint of Wales. Although I have no Welsh blood I have always been drawn to the country; holidays when young, having our holiday home there for 10 years and now our daughter living in the capital city Cardiff.

I try to celebrate each of the patron saints days for the United Kingdom, it's a good reason to move my ornaments and stitching around and of course cook a special dinner. Tonight we have lamb and I  have some dried fruit soaking in tea ready to make my Bara Brith.

My Grandmother's jug vase comes out on March 1st, from that date until after Easter I keep it filled with daffodils - my first bunch came from Lidl yesterday.

I have my Welsh dragons on the mantle just for today so I'll be changing it slightly tomorrow. 

My season tree picture is now showing Spring. I love these tree designs from Jardin Privé, I stitched them all a few years ago as part of Needlecraft Haven's Four Season's SAL and change it for the seasons, this one will stay until the end of May now.

My spring cushion was also stitched for the Four Season's SAL and will be on display too until the end of May. I have yet to decide what to stitch for this year's SAL, as it's a day home due to our very cold snowy weather it might be an online shopping day!

My Drawn Thread March box finish will of course be staying on show for the whole month too - I love my set of these, it's so nice to change each month.

I have no new stitching to share and my next few pieces are all gifts or exchanges however I have managed a little more on Sampler Bouquet, just the centre motif to do and that's another panel finished - not far to go now.

RJ and Mary at Stitching Friends Forever are celebrating their first blog birthday at the end of March and asked everyone to send a photo of something stitched by their favourite designer - they are holding a 'party' at the end of March - happy blogiversary RJ and Mary

I too have a blog birthday at the end of March - 10 years !! I cannot believe it has been that long. RJ and Mary's party gave me an idea - a 'first blog' celebration.

If you would like to take part please email me a link to your very first blog post - on March 30th I will post up '10 years of blogging' and will include all the blogs/links sent so we can see how we all started - I do hope you'll join in.

My email address is 


  1. What a fun idea Clare - I will definitely join in! Your mantel looks beautiful as always, I really love daffodils and might just pinch your idea of having daffodils until Easter.
    I love that Jardin Prive design too - I might have to see if they're still available for my Four Seasons as like you I'm stuck this year!

  2. The Drawn Threads are so lovely, it will be nice seeing those out again each month this year.
    SB is looking lovely.
    I'll wait till later in the month to change my winter to Spring, especially as we still have lots of the white stuff on the ground outside.
    Take care, stay warm and cosy x

  3. Such a lovely display Clare, and great progress on Sampler Bouquet

  4. These monthlies by The Drawn Thread are so lovely. And daffodils perfect for the beginning of March. They will welcome spring and hopefully we will soon see the first signs of spring as well although everything is still covered with snow here.

  5. It's good to have a seasonal selection of stitching that you can switch around. It means nothing is left lying in a box forever.
    It's just four years since I started blogging - can I join in the 'first blog' celebration?

  6. Such lovely stitches, I'm drawn to the Jardin Prive and the monthly Drawn Thread. Lovely displays!! Thanks for your anniversary wishes!!! Congratulations to you, 10 years is quite an accomplishment! I'll send you a link to our first post....

  7. Clare I love all of your stitches. I really enjoy Jardin Prive patterns and yours is so pretty. All of your Welsh items are so lovely especially the jug vase from your Grandmother. What a lovely piece to own. I love your party idea and you can count Mary and I in. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  8. I think I need to move to Wales simply for their love of daffodils! I would be in heaven every spring. We've had such an oddly rough winter, ours are just now starting to peek out of the ground.

    Congrats on your blogging anniversary! My first post was inane babble ahaha. Might be safer to omit that!

  9. Love the dragon and the Spring stitching too. It's nice to change the display for the seasons.

    I love your idea for an Anniversary Blog Hop. I often go and read the first post when I discover a new to me blogger so this will be so much fun.

  10. Wonderful tribute to St. David's Day! I haven't been there for almost 15 years, but still have family there so we should go visit. Cardiff is lovely.
    All your finishes look fantastic, I think I like the cushion the best!


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