Thursday 19 July 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness July

It's Gifted Gorgeousness time with Jo from Serendipitous Stitching - a lovely idea that Jo has been running for quite a while, sharing gifts given or received each month.

It was my good friend in America's birthday earlier this month so one of my bookmarks traveled overeas. Unfortunately it didn't flap it's wings fast enough and arrived a little late but it arrived safely.

Bookmark for Cathy
I have a few more gifts stitched and another nearly finished, I'll be able to share these soon, it's certainly been a year of gifting for me.

DH and I have been working hard in the garden and the house. We've had a new boiler which being as it is in the kitchen evolved into new worktops which evolved into new sink and hob - it all looks great now but I was quite unsettled having everything out of the kitchen in the lounge. It didn't help as with the plumber here we also had a couple of new radiators so nearly every room had disturbance.

The plumber has been today too, this time to put an outside tap in our back garden. As our kitchen and bathroom are on the front of the house we have no water supply out the back and have to run the hose from the garage at the front round the house to water the garden. Now we have water at the back - watering the pots will never be a chore again :-)

As I haven't any more stitching to share here's a few photos of the garden, I'm so pleased with it, DH has worked so hard.

The shed has now gone and DH is putting a new plastic one up

Patio space - coffee for two 
I love our outside dining area 
My four hangings
DH's plaque 


  1. Lovely gift for Cathy. Your garden has really developed into a gorgeous setting. What a great plaque for your husband!

  2. Your garden is looking lovely Clare! I have enjoyed seeing all your beautiful bookmarks this year. You have spoiled us all!

  3. Thanks for taking part in GG this month with your lovely bookmark. I am sure it was greatly appreciated.
    Love the garden photos, especially the outdoor dining area. I bet that has got a lot of use this year.

  4. Very pretty bookmark! I love the way you finished it!

  5. Such a pretty bookmark Clare. Your garden is looking fabulous

  6. I'm sure the bookmark for Cathy was worth the wait! Your garden area is lovely and such a nice plaque for your husband.

  7. Sweet stitching, a wonderful belated birthday gift!
    Wow, such a beautiful garden! It looks like a perfect place to stitch.

  8. Love the bookmark for your friend, Clare. I know she must have loved it. Your garden area is so lovely and I bet you can enjoy a glass of wine in such a pretty setting. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  9. Such a beautiful bookmark. Your garden area looks so lovely - I hope you enjoy gardening with your easy access water supply. I love your husband's plaque! x

  10. I don't like having work done in the house either, it's always lovely when it's done but it's very stressful at the time. Your pots look very colourful, you definitely need access to water in the back garden this summer :-)

  11. Another pretty bookmark, Clare. With all the work in your garden it looks like a place to linger. With all the good weather we've been having I hope you have been able to make good use of it :)

  12. Wonderful colors on that bookmark!

    Ooo I am envious of your backyard spigot! We are currently doing the garage and hose trek. Or a million watering trips with a watering can. :) Do you bring all your plants inside for the winter?

  13. Love the bookmark, Clare!
    Your garden is looking lovely, great dining and seating spots, and what a help that outside tap will be for the plants.
    Lots of horrid work, but it’s lovely when it’s all finished, isn’t it!
    Well done to hubby for walking the London Marathon route!
    Barbara xx

  14. The garden makeover is splendid, the new covered seating area is fab.
    Nice bookmark for your overseas friend.


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