Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Tree Festival - Christmas 2019

All the decorations are down for another year and winter is setting in with the weather here in the UK turning chilly. It's at this time of year I plan my theme for this year's tree - it sounds early but it is nice to make an ornament a month rather than a rush in the autumn.

I know many friends have previously made an ornament for my tree at church. I am so grateful for your help and kindness and each year the church ladies do ask if any of the ornaments have been sent from afar. 

So the news is .... I have decided on my theme .... The White Tree. 

Image result for white christmas

I would like to have an all white tree this time; white lights; white tinsel; white baubles; and white ornaments .... which made me immediately think of hardanger!

Hardanger is beautiful, stitched on white fabric with white thread .... yes I know there are holes but there does not have to be. It looks superb with or without cutting. The ornaments can be edged with blanket stitch or made into an ornament using white backing fabric. 

I will be aiming to make 12 - 15 ornaments and would be delighted if  you would like to send one too. They can be cut or uncut (I'm happy to do the cutting for you). 

I have found a few free online charts that may be useful, to be made in just white and finished as an ornament. I have added the link in each caption. 

Victoria Sampler - Crystal Waters
Victoria Sampler - Heirloom Wedding Sampler 
Victoria Sampler - Butterfly Fob 
There are so many designs on Pinterest, it's always fun to go browsing. I'm sure I will be spending many hours looking as well as stitching.

I'm really excited to getting started with this year's ornaments, if you'd like to stitch one too please post 'Me too' in the comments box. Let me know if you have any questions. 

I'm off to find my fabric and threads - happy hardangering !


  1. Great idea those are beautiful. I've done hardanger before and just didn't enjoy it. I hope you collect a lot of beautiful ornaments.

  2. A tree all in white would look stunning. Good luck with your venture.

  3. It's going to be a very elegant tree this year.

  4. I love doing hardanger, I'll try and get one made for you

  5. What a lovely idea for your tree. I look forward to seeing you make your decorations - and seeing what others make for you too x

  6. It will be beautiful! I don't do hardanger, but maybe next year.

  7. Count me in! I haven't done any hardanger for a while so it's about time I did some. The tree is going to look stunning this year!

  8. I just send several along to you, hope they will fit you decor


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