Tuesday 28 January 2020

A new style

I'm learning a new art ... not a craft but an art. Last Sunday I took the decision to shave my head as my hair was falling out everywhere. Hubby and I had already been to a local shop selling bandanas so Saturday I wore my new brown one.

Our friends came for dinner and although I still had hair it would not style (presumably because it was dying) and I did not want hair all over the place when cooking. It stayed in place but felt a little uncomfortable with hair underneath.
You can see tufts by my ears 
Sunday was not a pleasant experience, I was surprised to find I have a few head bumps and that my hair is quite soft when very short. I think these hairs will also fall out as I already have bald patches.

The bandanas are hats with folds of material already stitched so you just pull them on, very easy. I also bought this teal one which I wore yesterday to my second session of chemotherapy.

It has a flower on the side which you can't see
I wasn't looking my best 
The art is tying a scarf around my head, the hardest bit is tying the knot at the back as I have limited feeling in my hands and struggle to tell where the fabric is but so far so good I think.

Justine gave me this lovely scarf
Pleased with how this looked
I needed my glasses today
I'm busy stitching another card for scouts but I'll share that another time. I'm just about to start a new project. I bought some fabric and thread with a Christmas voucher from Dusty and bought some coasters on Amazon.

This year at Needlecraft Haven we are doing last year's 2019 Mystery SAL from Stitching the Night Away. It's 12 squares which I'll be making into twelve coasters.

Fabric marked up with my threads
My Mum has just come back from a short holiday and found a bookmark with my name spelt correctly, some things I can see especially as my DNA Ancestty results showed I was 92% English hee hee!

Everyone has been so kind with supporting our Dry January fundraising, Clare and Philippa Drop the Gin, and I have received so many humbling and comforting messages, thank you.


  1. Your new scarves look beautiful. We always have a problem with finding Jeremiah's (my son) name on things too. They always shorten it to Jeremy instead.

  2. Kyleigh's name is always mis-spelled on things or doesn't even exist most of the time. I love your scarves, too.

  3. Such lovely writings on the bookmark from mum.
    love and {{hugs}}

  4. We have never been able to find my youngest daughters name on things, except when we were on holiday once and we found and icecream with the name Stevie on :-)

  5. Ah, the advantage of having a standard name!
    The scarves are looking great, you're going to be very stylish this year.

  6. The scarves look very good on you Clare. I am praying for you dear.

  7. I bet you'll be an expert scarf styler in no time, Clare! Wishing you strength and courage as you go through chemo ♥

  8. Love the scarves and glad you're more comfortable. Good luck on the new project!

  9. Look at your fancy self, the scarf model!
    Your bookmark is perfect for you. I can't find my name anywhere either, except Germany!
    I'm obviously not up to date in Needlcraft Haven, I'll have to take a look.

  10. I always struggle to find things with my name on, even in Wales; I tend to find either Beth or Bethany, so I get your joy at having your name. I love the scarves! Well done to finishing Dry January tomorrow and good luck with your new project x

  11. Hello
    This is my first visit with you.
    I love the scarves and bandanas and it's great that they are more comfy for you.
    Looking forward to seeing your new project.
    Sending positive thought for your chemo.

  12. Lovely scarves Clare. They look great too. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you go through chemo. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  13. You look very good in your array of bandanas and scarves! The style suits you! I am so sorry you have to go through this rough journey though! Best wishes for a successful treatment! I hope you will be able to get some stitching in as it is always good therapy for the tough times!

  14. The scarves look really good Clare.
    Lovely sentiment on the bookmark from your Mum

  15. Considering the scarves are new to you I think you've done a great job fitting them, and there's such a variety too. Hope all is going as well as can be expected. :)


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