Monday 25 May 2020

An interesting month

Well it hasn't been the May I expected, it hasn't been the year I expected .... and I know it hasn't been the year the world expected.

I try to stay positive, it is good to talk but for me my dark times are best kept at home, and there have been quite a few this year when last December my world did a somersault and seems to be still rolling .....

Blog world, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and my wine forum Cuvée Reserve keep me busy. My super friends at Needlecraft Haven keep me smiling, they are such a lovely group who all help keep the bumps down.

One thing I enjoy is seeing my daily memories reminder on Facebook. Over the last four years we've been in very different places on 13th May : first visit to our bowling club after breaking my ankle, Turkey holiday, Scotland holiday and enjoying a sunny afternoon in lockdown!

During this stay at home time we've enjoyed many video calls with Philippa and her Michael, it certainly isn't the same as being together but great fun, especially our quizzes. We've also been having quiz nights on a Saturday with our friends with virtual wine and nibble sharing.

My arm is easing, it is very difficult keeping it still and it is painful letting it hang, it would be so nice to rest it on a cushion. The latest xrays showed that, although not healing yet, the fracture had not widened which according to my Consultant was the result he wanted. The xrays next visit involve taking my arm out of the sling and some specific positions, I'm practicing them a little each day, very painful but it's moving more each time.

Left handed life has been quite good, I have never thought of left handed people being any different to right handed people ... I certainly don't think of it being 'caggy' handed .... and never thought that of my students. 

What I have found is some things are made for right handed people, Hubby bought me a pair of scissors as the cut edge on ordinary scissors has the wrong pressure angle to be used with your left hand. 

The difficulty is having one hand, opening lids and jars is tricky, doing up buttons (I'm not good at this anyway with my MS), cutting up my dinner, getting dressed and, funny but annoying, tearing toilet paper!

Hubby has been doing most of the cooking, I did cook a full English breakfast yesterday and earlier in the week together we made cheese straws and eccles cakes (pastry filled with sugar and currants). I have been baking cakes, weighing and mixing is ok but Hubby has to put the mixture into the tin .... we make a good team.

I have also been doing a few jobs, very slowly as everything seems to have twice as many steps .... move the ornament, dust, put the ornament back .... but all doable. We cleaned the conservatory windows in and out, my role was to use the squidgy wiper blade .... very satisfying, we're very proud of our gleaming windows.

Our Thursday night clapping to support all our carers in these difficult times has become very noisy. I can't clap but have been ringing my 'wine' bell very loud. It's a lovely time each week when we all stand outside clapping, waving and thumbs up to show we're all ok.... memories to tell the next generations.

Days and weeks are blending together with most days the same as the last but this week we had three super highlights. You can read about them over in my wine, food and travel blog - Aimetu's - on my Welsh cheese, English rugby and French wine post.

Apologies that this isn't a stitching post, I am managing a few stitches each day, but I wanted to add a May update if only to look back in years to come. Finally here's a bit of fun from Facebook .... my own avatar. You design it yourself using a Facebook app .... not a bad match although it doesn't have a sling !

Thank you for reading my non-stitchy ramblings, see you next post with my Smalls for May!


  1. Even without stitching, it's an enjoyable read, Clare. As a leftie, I am very aware that alot of things aren't made for us. It also means that when it comes to stitching I've developed my own way of doing some stitches :)

  2. I love that you all clap and show support for the health care. Our oldest son is a pediatric nurse at our state's Children's Hospital. It has been so very hard to be apart from him.
    Your avatar is EXCELLENT Clare!!!

  3. Gosh Claire, that's a bruise and a half!!
    I'd be hopeless using my left hand for anything so well done with what you've managed.
    Love the avatar :-)

  4. I'm a leftie too, it does make for interesting times with some things. I have a special left handed potato peeler, had it for years and a left handed cheese knife.
    love and {hugs} x

  5. That bruise does look incredibly painful! I am right handed but I do some things left-handed, including eating. I also use the computer mouse with my left hand as I learned many years ago, it is more effective for a right-handed typist. Especially if you are using the number pad a lot, as you do when inputting data.
    FB is good for the memories, next years will be very strange!

  6. Wow what a bruise. When you do something you go all out! I do hope your arm heals up soon so you can get on with life normally or as close to normal as possible. Your windows are sparkly but now I have looked at ours and guess I should take care of them. Have a great week!

  7. I really hope your life gets much better .
    You look like you have been through the wars .
    I send you warm wishes , love and above all faith .

  8. That is a very impressive bruise! I'm glad your arm isn't getting worse, and that you're managing to do things one handed x

  9. Gosh! I can’t believe it, poor you! Sorry to read about the trouble you are having with your arm!
    Well done persevering with your left hand! Love the avatar, it’s brilliant!
    Take care now, and I hope your arm improves quickly!
    Best wishes,
    Barbara x

  10. Oh, Clare, I've been caring for my mom and not been on Blogger much in May, but I'm SO SORRY to read about your arm. My, that looks painful, but you have the best attitude! I do hope it heals quickly, doesn't get worse and you adjust better each day to life using one arm. I am SO right-handed that I would be a total failure having to use only my left. Well, June is a brand-new month and I hope it is kinder to all of us! Take care now! ♥

  11. Well at least you're still keeping busy, I think you're more productive than I've been! Although I'm sure my window could do with a good cleaning, you did a great job on yours.
    It is nice to look back at your memories, this year will certainly be original.
    Cute avatar!

  12. Glad to read that your arm is improving and that you are finding ways to manage things


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