Saturday 25 July 2020

July - Smalls SAL

I have been stitching, I have so missed being able to stitch properly although it was doable left handed. I haven't been blogging or reading much either so apologises to everyone, I'm hoping to catch up soon.

Anyway this month I do have some smalls to share as part of Mary's Smalls SAL. The SAL all about small stitching, any little project you have stitched, it doesn't have to be fully finished.

Here's the full details about Small SAL 2020 - thank you Mary.

My first two smalls  were stitched left handed and took quite a while, mainly because my right hand/arm ached so much after holding the fabric more than 15 minutes.

These are two flowers for my church tree, they are designs I have already stitched. They are a set a six designs in an old magazine (I'll try to find out which for next time) and I swapped the colours to make new flowers. 

Yellow pansy
Pink lily
My arm is improving but is very restricted. From the elbow down it's fine, just pain in my ring and small finger and stiffness in my wrist. From my elbow up it is still painfull and my arm doesn't lift on it's own. I expressed concern at my last hospital appointment and thankfully they did an MRI scan. I haven't  seen the orthopedic doctor yet but my Oncologist looked at the results, there's no soft tissue damage but there could be nerve damage. She said it would not affect my chemotherapy which started again last Monday. It is weekly this time to hopefully reduce the side effects - it's not been too bad so far, a couple of not great days but overall a little better. Fingers crossed this is the last treatment I need and my arm will improve with physiotherapy.

Back to stitching ... I am now using my right hand to stitch, it's good exercise and I can hold the fabric perfectly in my left hand. My first two pieces were for the Stitch8ng the Night Away SAL with the ladies at Needlecraft Haven. I was behind so I have stitched black 6 and 7 (not sure why they look slanted in the photo, they aren't really). We were all debating which way round Block 7 looks best ... what do you think?

Block 6
Block 7 as per the chart
Turned 90 degrees
The other weekend was a lovely anniversary for Hubby and I ... 34 years living in our home. We moved in new in 1986, our first home, so many memories, getting married, having two fabulous children, family occasions, time with friends and time for ourselves. Here's just a few photos from our time here.

Our new house
Our first garden - it was just mud when we moved in
Hubby did all the brickwork
We got married from home, although Hubby
went to his mum and Dad's the night before
Michael and Philippa - our super children
Our garden for the kids to play
Hubby relaxing in our trendy black, grey and pink lounge
Christmas with my late dad
Needlecraft Haven's meet up in 2017 when I'd broken my leg
Our garden now, we have many visitors
to the feeders
Hubby's brickwork including his pond
Family celebration earlier in 2020

We've certainly had some fun over the years and in the last 6 months have enjoyed the results of our hard work. It will be nice to go out again when time allows but for now we'll stay at 'home'.


  1. You have managed to stitch pretty flowers with your adverse health issues, hope things are getting easier now. Thank you for sharing your memory photos with us all. Great stitched blocks

  2. The flowers are pretty and so is your garden. I really like the SAL you're doing and prefer the orientation of the second picture of block 7. I'm also glad you're now able to stitch with your right hand.

  3. Your flowers and "pink work" :) are gorgeous! What a fun walk down memory lane! Congratulations on your anniversary! Thanks for joining the SAL!

  4. Clare: Your stitching is lovely, it is wonderful to hear you are back stitching with your dominate hand.
    Lovely memory photos, your wedding photo is lovely.
    Congratulations on 34 years of wedded bliss.


  5. Lovely work considering it was your left hand!
    It was great to see how your house and garden have changed over the years. It definitely looks much better than when you first moved in!

  6. Also, I prefer the second orientation of Block 7.

  7. It's good that you can now stitch right-handed, Clare.
    You have such loving memories associated with your photos and home.
    I prefer the second orientation of Block 7 as well.

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    I prefer the slope top left to bottom right

  9. You were doing well stitching with your left hand, but I'm sure you're happy to be using the right one again. I am praying your arm heals as it should.
    I think I like 1st block for #7, the vertical look.
    What beautiful memories you have of your house, even better with photos! Wow, DH did a fantastic job in the garden,it's beautiful.


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