Sunday 31 January 2021

WIPocalypse - January


I'm quite exciting to be joining in with WIPocalypse this year. I posted all about this SAL and my 2021 plans in early January - My 2021 Plans

I don't keep any record of how long I stitch for or the number of stitches but I do have a page at the top of my blog showing my finishes, so far January has been quite good. Here's how I have done:

I am stitching two 12 days designs; Jardin Privé and Plum Street Sampler. I have stitched both but not yet finished them, partly because I have not quite decided on how I want to do them.

Jardin Privé - Day 1

I am stitching the Just Cross Stitch SAL on Facebook with Jo. This month was Poinsetta by Punochka, I haven't looked at February's design yet.

I haven't started either of the Seasonal Challenges with Needlecraft Haven but I have kitted them both up and I think I know what I will be using them for.

I have stitched and finished a Valentine's design for Needlecraft Haven's Exchange, it will be posting time soon. I'll be able to reveal this in February's GG post.

This month I have stitched and given two gifts, both for friends' birthdays. I have had this fabric coaster or mini mat in mynstash for a while and decided to stitch it for my friend Gill. 

My second gift was for my friend Mary who lives in France. I think, well I hope, I had read she was collecting scissor fobs so I stitched a small blackwork design and added a matching ribbons. 

I have not done any work on my Flip Its and I have not finished the flowers for my Bouquet, mainly because I have been stitching a very special gift that I cannot share just now. 

I hope I have understood WIPocalypse correctly and this post is ok. Each month Melissa poses a question, this month's is: 

Tell us about a WIP on which you’ve really struggled to make progress. Explain its history. What appears to be the reason you’re struggling?

I have a few items in my drawers that are stitched but not finished, that seems to be my issue. This is partly because I am nervous that I will make a mess of finishing (I'm never very confident that my finishing looks good) and some items it's because I don't know what to do with them. 

I do have two projects waiting for the stitching to be completed, one has been left because my original plan for its finish will not now work, and the other is because it's a bigger project than I thought and I don't have time or inclination for it ... maybe one day these will appear again. 

Here's my February plans: 

Day 1 ornaments for 12 Days of Christmas 
Flowers for Bouquet of Flowers

Day 2 for both my 12 Days of Christmas 
Needlecraft Haven's Challenges
November and December Flip Its
JCS Christmas Ornament


Mary said...

All your finishes are so pretty, I love that pointsetta and the gold trim goes so well. The gifts for your friends will be much appreciated, love the little mat with the crochet trim, how did that fit so perfectly in the round and lay flat? Sweet scissor fob and I love any kind of stitch with a red bird!
My nemisis is Token of Love, it's a Christmas present for a friend and the vine around the Token of Love and has been frogged and frogged, I have no idea why it's giving me such trouble. I have decided to fudge it rather than rip it out yet again.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love both your 12 Days and the Poinsettia finish. I think your finishing skills are pretty good, certainly as good as mine. Not sure if that's saying much LOL

diamondc said...

Clare: It seems the 12 Days is a hot item now, I should jump on the 12 days of Christmas band wagon.
Your designs are lovely, the Poinsettia finish is beautiful.
Lovely gift for your friends.
Have a lovely day.


Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

All your stitching looks great Clare. I like your choice of colours for the PSS 12 Days of Christmas.
You are right I have a 'thing' for scissor fobs at the moment :)

jocondine said...

I have just visited Jo, so that's 2 more partridges and 2 different 12 days of Christmas patterns I'll be glad to follow your progress on. The coaster is wonderful. Amitiés. xxx

Katie said...

Beautiful work on everything.

Maggie said...

Lovely stitching, I like the coaster and the scissor fob.
I'm not very confident at finishing stitching either, it's not something that comes naturally, but I suppose as long as we have a go, that's the main thing, and the more we do the better we should get :-)
Have a good week x

Faith... said...

My you have been very busy! Everything looks wonderful and what a good job with the finishing.

Amy Davidson said...

The 12 days stitching and all of your finishing is beautiful!