Sunday 5 June 2022

Jubilee Celebrations

What a superb four days of celebrations. I am truly humbled by our Queen: to have the dedication to continue a job and to uphold a pledge made at quite a young age without giving up or saying enough is enough is to be applauded. Whatever your views on royalty or wealth 70 years service is a remarkable achievement. 

Our long weekend began with a visit to church to put flowers on my late Dad and Grandpop's graves. The church was open over the Jubilee to show again the vast amount of history collated for the Millennium. I took some red white and blue flowers up, they looked very effective. 

Saturday we were invited to our friends' for an Epsom races garden party and to celebrate the Jubilee. It was great fun, we were treated to a superb afternoon tea and I made a crown cake to celebrate.

Today was our street party, we live a cul-de-sac so it's easy to gather out the front. I made another crown cake and dressed the table with my Grandmother's cloth and my Dad's pennants from the Coronation in 1953.

It was a bit nippy and before long we needed the big umbrellas but at least the heavy rain stayed away. A change from yesterday's top hat and fascinator, today we were wearing red, white and blue.

Today was also Opening Day for the Jubilee Exchange with Needlecraft Haven. I received a super coaster and card from Gill, it's already in use and is a lovely Platinum Jubilee souvenir - thank you Gill.

I stitched for Mary and also stitched a crown. Although she hasn't yet seen it in person I know Mary is pleased with her Jubilee coaster. 

It's been so nice to spend time with friends and neighbours over the four days. I have loved seeing all the crowds celebrating in London. The Royal Family have certainly celebrated with us too ... congratulations and thank you Ma'am.


  1. It looks like you had so much fun, and your cakes look lovely!

  2. So happy you had a fun weekend you look great,
    We had a fun four days , no more cream teas for me for a while .
    Hugs June,

  3. You really did make the most of the celebratory weekend. Those crown cakes are fabulous!

  4. Looks like you all had a lot of fun despite the weather! 😁👏👏
    We haven’t had our street party yet, we are having a gathering next week.
    Barbara xx


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