Sunday, 20 April 2008

Lots of stitching this week

I've been quite busy this week - I have completed all the stitching on my Christmas 3D House and will hopefully assemble it this week. I have arranged a Meet Up Day for some of my internet friends next Saturday so I'd like to get it finished by then.

I have stitched myself a new name tag - I just need to assemble it, probably on plastic canvas with a felt back.

It was from a free design on Victoria Sampler - Good Friends Name Tag. I changed the colours to ones that are my favourites.

My other bit of stitching is a lovely design from Lizzie Kate. I took part in a Secret Kit Exchange and this was my gift.

It was quite quick to stitch and I love the pistashio fabric but I have no idea what to do with it now, any suggestions would be appreciated.

I did wonder whether to make a small hanging for my new office at work - but I will have to watch I don't turn it into another display area for stitching.

I have also knitted another hat for Save the Children so I have six now ready to send off. I am going to send these this week then start a few more. The other item I've stitched I can't share as it's the April Challenge - sorry.

I'm not sure what I plan to stitch this week - I'm sure there is something I should be soing but can't think what. Hopefully I will remember soon.


Nicola said...

Lovely new name tag Clare, they are my favourite colours too. Enjoy the meet up next week.

kimmyr said...

Your nametag looks great Clare! You will have a great time at the meet-up and I swear that one day I'll get over that ocean to attend too. Love your blog! I bookmarked it and will be visiting again soon.

Paperfaerie said...

two lovely pretty finishes Clare, enjoy the meet up at the weekend :)

Andrea said...

Some great finishes.

I noticed your comment over at Nicola's (Tales from my Needle)blog and recognised the name from Aion. Good to see you in the world of blogging.

Stitchingranny said...

Love the Tag Clare. I have added your blog to my bloglines and will be keeping my eye open for a picture of that 3D house.