Sunday, 6 April 2008

Snowy Sunday

We awoke this morning to a light covering of snow making everywhere look stunning - although some of my lovely spring flowers have taken a beating. I don't think the snow will last for long as we have bright blue skies and spring sunshine.

My craft this week has alternated between stitching and knitting.

I have nearly completed the walls of my Christmas House - quite appropriate with the weather. I am hoping to start the roof later today and add all the tiny beads.

My knitting has been to make hats for Save the Children's Africa appeal - so far I've knitted five - here are my first four. I'm now doing pink and blue stripes to add a bit of colour and I have found some black/white wool so I'll have a go with that later this week. One thing I found out was not to knit a white hat as white is the symbol of mourning in Africa.

I managed to kit up a chart for the exchange and that is now on it's way through our postal system to my secret partner. I also kitted up the exchange gift for a meet up I have arranged on 26th April - there will be 30+ stitchers all meeting for a day of stitch and chat.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world Clare. It's great to know that, although I don't frequent the forums any more, I can still keep up with what you're stitching. The Christmas House is looking good, look forward to see more as it progresses.



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