Monday, 2 June 2008

June already !

It's hard to believe it is June already, half way through the year and still lots of things to look forward to. Thismonth we have Father's Day (another trip to our caravan for the weekend), DH and I are going to see Aida for our Anniversary treat and it's nearly big holiday time.

I was quite busy during our week at the caravan, I made 4 of the 32 bracelets needed for the school performance of Joseph and his Technicoloured Dreamcoat. I also made this biscornu for mum's birthday - I'm not keen on blackwork but I really enjoyed making this. Not bad for my first attempt.

Whilst in Wales we visited the RSPB reserve - there were so many birds around; green finches, chaffinches, great tits, coal tits, blue tits, sparrows, nut hatchers, woodpeckers, egrets, swans and herons - and that was just from the visitors centre, we didn't go over to the hides. There were also some very cheeky, friendly squirrels hoping for a few crumbs.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time in Wales. The biscornu is lovely can I ask who the design is by?

    Aida, good choice for a stitcher lol - oh my funny bone is itching today.

  2. Lovely biscornu...I have done this one myself, it is a lovely design.
    Glad you had a good break

  3. your biscourni looks fantastic i have the chart from the gift of stitching too, i also dont like blackwork but the result of this chart is stunning

  4. Lovely biscornu. Sounds like you had a great holiday.

  5. Lovely Biscornu,I have that design is it from the gift of stitching mag?

  6. Love the biscornu Clare, gorgeous colour.

  7. Your Mum's gift is beautiful Clare!



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