Sunday, 7 September 2008

Change of plan

We were going to our caravan this weekend and have a meal out for my birthday (10th) but what weather! We have decided to go next weekend instead - I do hope everyone affected by the floods is ok - it's awful how quickly it came.

We have had a quiet weekend at home spending time sorting out some of the old cards and photos that are in the attic. I bought some big plastic storage boxes so everything is now packed away tidy. There is still a huge amount up there to sort out but a little at a time and we should get through it.

I have decided to do a rotation again as I'm finding that with so many jobs to do in the evenings I sometimes don't get round to picking up a needle. I am going to rotate some of the household tasks too, and make the most of evenings when DD is out at her sports. This is the stitching rotation I am planning to do:

Monday - any small projects that I have on the go

Tuesday - any large projects that I am working on - I am hoping to start one soon as it's my mum and step dad's 25th anniversary next year. I also want to so a stocking for my DS if I have time.

Wednesday - this is my night for working on any exchanges I'm doing and for logging onto my blog and favourite forums.

Thursday - another small projects night

Friday - another large projects night but I won't get any done if it's a caravan weekend as we'll be travelling.

Saturday - other jobs/caravan/family visits permitting I am hoping to do some more exchange work, any making up and on some Saturdays card making.

Sunday - this will be my main internet day - starting tonight :) - and time to catch up on any nights work I've missed.

Hopefully by rotating things around I should have time for everything. Last time I did a rotation I got so much more finished - I'm not sure why this happens.

I have stitched two small projects over the last two weeks - both freebie charts - one is from The Victoria Sampler and the other is by Teresa Wentzler. I really pleased how they have both turned out. I had to use the macro on the camera because they are quite small and the thread is the same colour as the fabric.

I am still enjoying working at school, even more so in fact as there is so much for me to get involved with at the start of the new school year. It was good but at times hard to start mid-way through a year so now is my chance to get really organised. I don't miss college at all.

I hope everyone stays dry this week and fingers crossed we might get an Indian Summer.


  1. Wow both of those pieces are lovely Clare. Good luck with the rotation.

  2. No flooding here - but we do live on top of a hill. Been wondering about some of the girls on the forum though.
    Love the two finishes, very pretty. :0)
    Hope the weather behaves for next weekend. :0)

  3. Lovely finishes. Hope you get some nice weather.

  4. Good luck with your new rotation Claire. Love both the pieces you stitched. Very pretty.

    After two fine days it's raining here again and by the looks of the forecast it's going to rain all week. No flooding here thankfully.

  5. Lovely finishes Clare & good luck with your rotatio...mine has gone out of the window after 1

    Lots of flooding here and the raining is still pouring :0(

  6. Lovely stitching. Hope your rotation works well.


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