Sunday, 14 September 2008

Mixed Feelings

What a week - full of ups and downs. On the positive side I had a lovely birthday and of course a pay rise, we've also enjoyed a weekend at the caravan (but more on that later). On the down side my whole school timetable has been tipped upside down and tomorrow I haven't a clue where I should be. I have to start planning my work all over again.

A huge negative for us involves Michael's college course. He came home Friday in a real panic because he hasn't a work experience placement this year and if he can't get one he can't do the course. He thought the vets he went to last year were going to give him a place but just a week before college started they said no. He was very worried about it but we calmed him down, have had a good weekend and tonight have written another (he's already sent off loads) 6 letters to local business who deal with animals - we now looking further afield and will woprry about transport if he gets a place. Tomorrow he is going cycle to a kennels about 4 miles away and ask there. I do hope he finds somewhere soon, it's voluntary work he is after too.

On a happier note my rotation went really well last week. I have done quite a bit on my exchange piece but obviously I can't show just yet. I also started the Just Nan for my mum and step dad's annversary. I'm not keen on stitching just white as it never looks neat. I'm sure it will be ok once I get more stitches and colour on it. The picture isn't very good - sorry.

After the wet weather last weekend we finally made it to Wales this weekend, although we drove through some terrible rain on Friday. We haven't been to the caravan for 6 weeks which is a long time for us but of course everything was just fine. Saturday we popped into town for a few bits, then went to the next village for a pub lunch. One of the chaps that works on the caravan site has just taken over so we went along to help him get his new business going - it's very nice and we had some lovely sandwiches. I'm sure we'll be popping back again. Afterwards we went had played our first game of golf on a course LOL it was so funny but we all got round............ eventually. Of course the balls went in the very long grass, in the water and in the sand bunkers. We lost a couple of ours but found a couple belonging to another mishapped golfer so we came out even - as for the score, we didn't even take a score card as we just knew it would take us a while with no hint of a par never mind a holein one! It is something we will definately be doing again.

This morning the weather was beautiful, Nick and I stood at the fence looking out to sea only to be previliged to spot a dolphin jumping out the water - amazing sight. I then spend the morning cutting up some old net curtains to adapt a pair we want to use in our office at school but are too short. Hopefully the nets will add a fancy bottom making them long enough.

To end it all I've come home and had a half hour on my new Wii Fit - it's really good but my personal trainer wants to see me EVERYDAY - OMG what have I let myself in for LOL. I did do quite well on the hoola hoop game though.


  1. LOL the personal trainer and the Wii Fit, wonder if he has a Mr Stick too LOL

    I hope someone offers Michael a place, how awful waiting till the last minute to tell him no.

  2. Hope something much better comes up for your DS. Hope your timetable gets sorted quickly too.
    Looking forward to seeing more of the JN piece.
    Sounds like you had a fun time at your caravan. Lucky you seeing a wild dolphin! :0)

  3. I do hope your DS can find a placement.

    Your start on the JN looks lovely. I'm a huge JN fan so can't wait to see more of it.

  4. He he I love my Wii Fit too, not that I get on it much, but I love the hula hoop and step section, I alos love a couple of the balance games too.

    I sure hope Michael gets somewhere soon, what a nightmare for him, poor lad, fingers crossed

    Hugs xxxxxx

  5. sounds like a great weekend and how nice to see a dolphin.


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