Thursday, 11 December 2008

Christmas Tree

Here it is - thank you so much to everyone for all the gorgeous ornaments.

There are some fantastic ones there - these two are full of hand knitted ornaments, the first is based on monks bell ringing (two photos) and the other is full of santas, angels and choiristers, the look fantastic.

and this is a picture of one side of the church - there are 60 trees in there althogether - I will try to get some more on Saturday - it was hard tonight as people were setting it up so lots of ladders around and bags and boxes.


  1. They are beautiful. Clare! I adore the one with all the little monks on...darling!

  2. They look wonderful - just goes to show that true craft talent hasn't died , it's just been gently sleeping
    It's good to see that you seem better too Clare
    Take it gently

  3. Nice pictures..! Those Christmas tree ornaments are cute and adorable.

  4. Clare its gorgeous! The others are lovely too

  5. Woohoo .... roll on tomorrow when i can see them 'in the real'

    Cant wait to see the monks, that looks interesting, maybe i should have a bunny one LOL

  6. Hi Clare,

    The tree looks lovely, it is just so individual. I loved the way you placed the little monks together.

  7. What a great idea! The trees are great. And I love the little monks.

    You have so many handmade ornaments. I've just started doing them and maybe by next year I will have enough for a tree.

    Just fantastic.

  8. Wow, Clare, they look wonderful!

  9. The trees look great, Clare. Sorry that I didn't get something in the mail to contribute.

  10. The trees look so great!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  11. Lovely to browse the pics again - they all look wonderful. :0)


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